The Farm Restaurant is in the heart of Al Barari, surrounded by lakes, landscapes, waterways and botanical gardens. The Farm restaurant displays an exclusive preparation for delicious foods, where you can eat the best foods made from the finest ingredients.

Most importantly, The Farm allows you to spend the most enjoyable times with family and friends, a place where there are factors that meet the needs of the body and soul.
The philosophy of the restaurant for its dishes, in providing a great quality of food, provided that it is a healthy food with a breathtaking view. You can pick the flavors and ingredients you want off the list. There are even options for adding or deleting ingredients, which creates a unique service, for on-demand dishes, just the way you want it.
The Farm Restaurant offers many options, the new menu includes large dishes for the Thai section – dishes, such as Tom Yam soup, chicken satay and spices with green papaya salad and red curry, including Moroccan lamb slices and fish fillets. Some simple dishes, such as camel meat, are also included on the nextatelli.
The Farm Restaurant Timings:
8 am – 11 am
12 noon – 3 pm
4 PM – 5 PM
6 pm – 10 pm
Contact the farm restaurant
The Farm Restaurant, Al Barari, opposite Falcon City.
the phone
View of The Farm Restaurant

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