At first glance, Lima appears to be a sprawling city stretching from endless ocean and hills, inhabited by a third of the Peruvian population and its streets vibrant with colorful life and beautiful buildings with carved wooden balconies in the complex Baroque style. Local residents can join to dine at the best local South American restaurants with stunning views of the spacious green parks, and its museums reflect the city’s ancient history and fine culture.

The large Plaza de Armas square welcomes visitors to the city with a distinct spirit of authentic history, and although the city lost most of the buildings of the old city in the earthquake in 1746 that left behind the glittering bronze fountain in the center of the square which was built in 1651, but the buildings have been rebuilt and restored Surrounding the square is its ancient historical form, such as the cathedral, the bishops’ palace, and the official residence of the president.
One can not miss the experience of windsurfing on the slopes of Miraflores and over the Blue Ocean, as this Peruvian neighborhood features modern glass commercial buildings blending creatively with beautiful colonial houses. It attracts visitors with its fine restaurants serving the most famous Peruvian cuisine in the world, which has endless views of the beautiful green gardens that suddenly fall into the crystal waters above the surfers.

The Moso Amano houses a private collection of Peruvian ceramics and textiles Arranged in chronological order, it displays many of the relics and crafts that remained from pre-Columbus civilizations including Chimo and Nazca, as well as the most beautiful woven textures from the culture of Chankai, while the Nation National Museum covers the archaeological history of the entire Peruvian population from the primitive population to the Inca Empire.

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