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Steneva beach, southern Croatia

Steneva Beach is considered one of the most famous beaches of the country, located on the southern side of the island “Vis” full of legends, located two hours and 30 minutes by ferry from Split, and was chosen as the best beach in Europe by “European Best Destinations”, an organization It is based in Brussels and promotes culture and tourism. The beach is located between natural limestone walls, and its limestone walls are surrounded only by the soft white pebble floor and submerged in crystal water, with a single port is the wide 16-foot “cliff gate” that opens the beach to the sea.

Beach Bresche and hard rocks

Prestige beach, made of solid rock, sits beneath the medieval sloping village of Prestige. It is small compared to most of the Croatian beaches, but it has the most beautiful sea views on the Gulf of Kvarner to Kris Island, and provides the opportunity to climb on the limestone beneath the village in addition to swimming and diving.

Zlatni Rat Beach, Brac

Croatia’s most famous beach in the field of photography, such as the “Golden Horn”, stretches along the southern coast of Brac Island, and features its golden stones and pine groves that surround it.

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