Among the unique attractions and fun attractions of the Pastoral vadisi tourist farm, this beautiful farm is located among the scents of pine trees in the Yanıklar village that follows the city of Fethiye administratively, the city is located in the southwest of Turkey is one of the ideal destinations for fans of rural tourism away from The hustle and bustle of cities is suitable for those looking for calm, tranquility, reassurance and relaxation.

There are all the necessities of living and visitors reside throughout the year. As for the area of ​​the farm, about 42 dunums, it has houses designed of wood and stones to suit the life of the countryside and coexistence in the Turkish countryside. The farm was designed using only natural resources, and this is to encourage rural tourism in Turkey opened The farm has been in the gates since 2006 and continues to receive tourists to this day. The region in which the farm is located combines the charm of rural nature with rural charm, picturesque beaches and green places with a blue sea and sky.
The Kargı Çayı River passes between the folds of the Taurus Mountains that pass through the Pasteur Valley, which crosses the coast of Yanklar and flows into the Mediterranean Sea at the end. There is also the lake “Akgöl” which increases its beauty and joy.

Besides the picturesque and creative nature, there are remnants of a number of ancient monuments that belong to a number of civilizations of the ancient world and ancient peoples that inhabited the region from time immemorial such as the peoples of the Leka and the Romen civilizations and finally the Ottoman civilization with its delicate features and its very unique architectural style. Cultivated on the farm.
The village is interested in the Turkish folklore and traditional industries. A visitor can join the craft, learn to cultivate, or learn Turkish cooking arts and participate in the evening barbecues that take place every night. Staying on the farm is a creative spiritual experience that changes life and changes everything.

Children can participate in workshops for the manufacture of wooden toys, kites, cooking or other activities according to each age group. As for the visitor, he can perform a number of fun activities on the farm such as horse trips between nature and hiking around the charming nature or swimming in the nearby Kaji River From the farm, participating in collecting plants, flowers, and cultivated fruits and participating in the cultivation process, for lovers of diving and swimming, you can go to Yonga Beach near the farm to enjoy sunbathing on the seashore and spend a unique holiday.
Perhaps rural tourism is among the most important types of tourism for all those looking for fun, quiet and tranquility away from the noise of troublesome cities and those farms scattered in the valleys of Turkey are the best place for researchers for calm and tranquility besides work and harvest and the promotion of various skills besides entertainment and adventure if you are interested in this type of tourism not You cannot miss this valley when going to southwestern Turkey.

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