Dubai Butterfly Garden opens its doors to everyone and succeeds in attracting large numbers of visitors from different nationalities due to its captivating beauty and the opportunity to see more than 15,000 species of butterflies; in addition to enjoying the outdoor walk among its picturesque trees; One of the most beautiful pictures prepared by you Arab travelers to introduce pleasure in your heart.

Dubai Butterfly Garden opens its doors to everyone

Dubai Butterfly Garden photos

Dubai Butterfly Garden opens its doors to everyone


  • the museum: It houses a large collection of butterflies designed by hand.
  • School districtIncrease awareness of the types of butterflies in the garden in an interesting way.
  • Lake Kew: Lives live in a large number of fish species, which are distinguished by their picturesque colors.
  • green areas: A huge number of trees and plants grow with a large number of butterflies of various types.

Instructions for visiting the park

  • Do not touch any of the butterflies.
  • Keep the garden clean.
  • Not to bring any type of food or drink.
  • Note children and ensure that they adhere to all instructions for visiting the park.

Types of butterflies

  • Anteos Clorinde.
  • Archaeoprepona Demophon.
  • Athyma Perius.
  • Attacus Atlas.
  • Biblis Hyperia.
  • Caligo Eurilochus.
  • Caligo Memnon.
  • Cethosia Bibliss.
  • Danaus Chrysippus.
  • Danaus Plexippus.
  • Doleschallia Bisaltide.
  • Dryas Iulias.
  • Graphium Agamemnon.
  • Hamadryas Feronia.
  • Hebomia Glaucippe.
  • Heliconius Cydno.
  • Heliconius Doris.
  • Heliconius Hecale.
  • Heliconius Melpomene.
  • Heliconius Sara.
  • Hypolimnas Bolina.
  • Idea Leoconoe.
  • Junonia Hierta.
  • Junonia Lemonias.
  • Kallima Inachus.
  • Lexias Dirtea (F.)
  • Lexias Dirtea (M.
  • Morpho Peleides.
  • Opsiphanes Tamarinde.
  • Pachliopta Kotzebuea.
  • Papilio Demoleus.
  • Papilio Lowi.
  • Papilio Memnon.
  • Papilio Palinurus.
  • Papilio Polytes.
  • Papilio Polyxenis.
  • Papilio Rumanzovia.
  • Papilio Thoas.
  • Parides Arcas.
  • Parides Iphidamas.
  • Parthenos Sylvia.
  • Samia Walkeri.
  • Siproeta Epaphus.
  • Siproeta Stelenes.
  • Troides Rhadamantus.

Restaurants and cafes

The garden includes a snack bar, and a café; in addition to a candy store; food must be eaten while in the place where it was bought from, because touring food and drinks inside the garden attracts insects.

Ticket prices

  • AED 55.

Ways to communicate with the park

  • TitleAl Barsha, next to Dubai Miracle Garden.
  • Telephone number: +971 4 422 8902.
  • Fax Number: +971 4 432 4941.
  • E-mail: [email protected]

times of work

  • Daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

ticket reservation

  • When arriving or in contact with the park administration via the following email: [email protected]

Organizing celebrations

The party organizes various types of celebrations and events on request, and the organization of a party or event of any kind requires communication with the management via the following e-mail: [email protected] To find out more information about this unique park, see the following articles:

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