What is Syria famous for?

المسافرون العرب


The Syrian Republic is located in the southwestern part of the Asian continent, where it looks west on the Mediterranean with a coastline of 193 km, bordered to the north by Turkey, to the east and south by the Iraqi state, to the south by the Kingdom of Jordan, to the west by Lebanon and Palestine, and the area of ​​the Syrian Republic is about 185,000 km2, and its population was estimated in the year 2013 at about 22.5 million people, and Aleppo is the largest city in Syria, while Damascus is the largest population in it.

Syria’s topography

Syria has a variety of terrain. In the south, there is the volcanic plateau of the Golan in addition to the fertile Houran Plain. There is also the Arab Mountain which consists mainly of basaltic rocks. In northern Syria, on the border with Lebanon, the western Lebanon mountain range, which includes the highest point in Syria, is the top of a mountain. Sheikh, as the Syrian terrain includes fertile plains such as: Ghouta Damascus, and in the far north in Syria are the Simeon Mountains, the Badia Al-Sham and the Palmyra Mountains, and Syria includes one island which is the island of Arwad opposite Tartous.

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the climate

The climate in Syria is characterized by that it includes two large divisions of climate, where the Mediterranean climate prevails in the coastal parts and the lands near them, and the dry climate prevails in the rest of the other regions, so the regions with a Mediterranean climate are hot in summer and dry in winter, and they are cold and rainy during the fall and spring seasons, while the areas with climate Dry is light rain and very cold during the winter and very hot during the summer, and the temperature is moderate in summer in mountainous areas and highlands, and snow usually falls in January on the western highlands.

What is Syria famous for?

Medical Tourism

Syria is famous for providing the best medical tourism services around the world, in which many sanatoriums treat diseases through sulfur and mineral water are widespread, in addition to Syria’s richness of mineral springs that attract many tourists and visitors, and the most famous of these springs is the source of life which is far from the south Damascus is about 45 km away, and Ras Al-Ain springs in Ras Al-Ain city of Al-Hasakah Governorate.

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Popular markets

Damascus is distinguished by the presence of the famous ancient markets, including the Medhat Pasha market for the silk market, and the Al-Bzuriyya market. The Hamidiyeh market is one of the most famous of these markets that was built during the rule of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid in the year 1863 AD and named after him, and all kinds of goods are sold in these markets, especially clothing and fabrics in addition to Traditional traditional industries. As for the Al-Bzuriyya market, it is famous for its aromatic scents, as it contains all kinds of spices, almonds, medicinal herbs, and almonds, in addition to compound perfumes, sweets and seeds.

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Traditional Foods

The Syrian dishes and dishes are considered one of the most famous dishes, as the Syrian recipes are characterized by their simplicity and speed of preparation, in addition to that they are rich in useful nutrients, and each city has its own popular eaters, and the occuAl Bahahn of Arabesque and dried fruits is the most famous among them.

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If Syria is one of your next travel plans, you should know the most famous places in it:

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