Egypt Air: A detailed report on Egypt Air

المسافرون العرب

Egyptian Airlines, the most famous of which is Egypt Air, is the official and leading Egyptian airline and air carrier worldwide since its inception in mid-1932 to become the seventh oldest airline in the world, and it is also a member of the Star International Alliance since 2008.
The headquarters of the company is located in Cairo while taking from Cairo International Airport a main center for its operations, and provides daily hundreds of flights to different destinations around the world through a modern and safe fleet of aircraft consisting of 79 aircraft with an average age of 8 years and a high level of hospitality and services that qualified them to obtain a number of awards in The field of air transport was the last in 2020.
To learn about the most important services and benefits that EgyptAir provides to travelers on its flights and to answer all the questions on your mind regarding its dealings with customers, please follow this report.

Egypt Air A detailed report on Egypt Air - Egypt Air: A detailed report on Egypt Air

Egyptian Airlines features

Egyptian Airways enjoys a number of features that create for its passengers an atmosphere of comfort and enjoyment during the flight and satisfaction with the level of service, such as:
• A website that facilitates the process of booking tickets and completing procedures, with pre-selection of seat and meals.
• A modern fleet of aircraft with periodic maintenance ensuring the passenger comfort and the highest levels of safety.
• The diversity of destinations reached by Egypt Air planes around the world due to their membership in the Star Alliance of International Airlines.
Comfortable seats, free varied meals, on-board entertainment, and duty-free shops at various airports.

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Onboard services

Egyptian Airlines provides passengers traveling on its flights with many services that guarantee them comfort and enjoyment during the flight time, whether long or short. It also provides them with complete satisfaction with the services of the company and earn their loyalty to them, namely:

the food

EgyptAir has a vast experience spanning half a century in managing restaurants and cafes and providing them with their needs, which makes them more able to meet the nutritional requirements of their travelers by providing a varied range of delicious local and international dishes including seafood.
In addition to the company’s observance of diets for diabetics, high blood pressure and food allergies, in addition to weight loss diets and vegetarian diets suitable for infants and children as well, while respecting the religious rites of the other, which require following certain meals.
To order special meals, please mention this when filling in the electronic or traditional reservation form, or request a maximum of one or two days before traveling by modifying the data on the electronic reservation form or by contacting the company’s customer service directly or with the travel office.


The Egyptian Airline provides passengers on board its flights with screens of various sizes to follow the various entertainment contents that suit different ages and tastes such as the latest international cinema films and cartoons, radio programs, songs and musical compositions, electronic games.

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EgyptAir provides its passengers with different grades of comfortable, individual seats, adjustable headrests, elegant factory-produced tableware, and more.

the shopping

EgyptAir and Duty Free offer the largest retail outlets, some of which are exempt from customs duties, at 9 Egyptian airports.
In addition to the Karnak office to organize tours and attend various conferences and transfers during a set of the latest internal transportation.

Class of travel on EgyptAir

EgyptAir provides several classes for passengers on its flights, which differ from each other in what it offers, such as:

First and business class

Passengers aboard these two classes get almost the same benefits as:
✓ More weight for free luggage.
✓ Private check-in desks and check-in procedures are faster than the regular passenger.
✓ 4 spacious and comfortable private and luxurious lounges inside the airport that provide work and reading areas, an entertainment area for young and old, the highest levels of privacy.
✓ A variety of free foods and drinks during the trip and lounge areas, with special meals that cater to all needs and tastes and suit all ages and health conditions.
✓ Comfortable seats with extra spaces and fully extendable sleep and recline.
✓ Display screens to enjoy watching different entertainment materials.

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economy class

This degree is provided to the travelers:
✓ Comfortable seats with acceptable separations.
✓ Display screens to enjoy watching different entertainment materials.
✓ The opportunity to enjoy free and varied menus of local and international delicacies.

The frequent traveler is Silver / Gold

This degree is provided to the travelers:
✓ More weight for free luggage, with flexibility to handle excess loads.
✓ Special airport reception and waiting lounges provide everything that family members of all ages need in terms of amenities, entertainment and business completion.
خاصة Special offers and reservations for the best hotels and restaurants and providing car rental service from the best partner agencies, with discounts and purchasing lists when dealing with partner malls in different countries.
✓ Ergonomic seats with extra spaces and fully extendable sleep and recline.
✓ Display screens to enjoy watching different entertainment materials.

Travel destinations on Egypt Air

EgyptAir provides flights to 80 destinations around the world, the most important of which are:
Egyptian Airlines flights to / from Cairo
Flights from / to Sharm El Sheikh
Flights by Egyptian Airlines to / from Dubai
Egypt Air flights to / from Riyadh
Egyptian Airlines flights to / from Casablanca
Egyptian Airlines flights to / from Tunis
Egyptair flights from / to Muscat
Flights by Egyptian Airlines to / from Beirut

How does Egyptian Airways provide ticket reservations on its flights?

You can book Arab travelers tickets on Egypt Air through the website of EgyptAir, and follow the best offers that the company offers on its flight prices for different local and international destinations.
As well as through the agents offices in major cities around the world.

EgyptAir and its luggage policy

Egyptian Airlines allows first and business passengers on its international and domestic flights to carry free luggage with a maximum of 32 kg and a total dimensions of 158 cm per piece with an additional piece or discounts of up to 50% on the overload for silver and gold card holders and Star Alliance members, and it is allowed to climb two pieces On the cabin cabin weighing 8 kg per piece.
Economy Class passengers on board domestic and international Egypt Air flights are allowed to carry free luggage with a maximum weight of 23 kg and a total dimension of 158 cm with an additional piece for gold and silver card holders and Star Alliance members, and it is also allowed to board one piece of 8 kg on the cabin of the plane.
Weights may vary from time to time, in which case the company will clarify the weights permitted for the passenger to the extent of his travel during booking.
Excess baggage fees on board the flights of Egyptian Airways vary according to the departure point, destination, type of flight, internal or international, the way to report them via the website, agents’ offices or at the airport before traveling.
However, the overload should not exceed 32 kg and the total dimensions are 203 cm at a fee of 50% or twice the value of the additional baggage specified in the local currency.

Completion of travel procedures on Egyptian Airlines

The EgyptAir website provides you with the most accurate details of your flight in terms of departure and landing times, available airports, providing card / poster printing service for luggage and luggage at home.
In addition to services that can be chosen or purchased before the flight, such as seat, meals, excess baggage weight, changes that can be made to the flight timing or itinerary, and other features.
The Egyptian Airline determines the documents it needs from the passengers traveling on its flights with an entry visa to the destination country, a valid and stamped passport or a personal identification card according to the conditions set by the destination country, a certificate of obtaining the necessary vaccines with sufficient quantities of the drugs that the passenger needs during the trip attached With a certificate signed by the physician treating large quantities, the e-ticket on EgyptAir is printed.
It is required to complete the travel procedures about 3 hours before the departure of international flights, as the check-in office closes its doors an hour before the flight.
As for domestic flights, it is required to complete the procedures two hours before their departure, as the check-in door closes half an hour before the flight.
You can complete your travel procedures via the reservation management page on the Egypt Air website by clicking Here

Summary of customer reviews

EgyptAir has rated 3.5 / 5 on Tripadvisor to rate and book flights, with comments from 3060 people who have previously traveled on EgyptAir.

common questions

Does EgyptAir have a loyalty program for its frequent travelers?

Yes, EgyptAir has a loyalty program known as Egypt Air Plus, which provides free miles / points for the passenger or his family in the case of family accounts – with a maximum of five individuals – that can be used on free flights on the company’s planes or Star Alliance, hotel and restaurant reservations, rental Reduced cars and shopping tours, as well as flexibility and ease in carrying out travel procedures and carrying luggage.

How can I upgrade my Egypt Plus account?

When you travel 30,000 miles on EgyptAir flights or its allies in Star Airlines, your account is upgraded to Silver level with a special travel card / card.
Two years after you use the silver card and cut another 30,000 miles, your account and card will be upgraded to the gold account.

What do I do if I need to make changes to my flight?

If you have booked on the website, it is easy to make the required changes through it, bearing in mind that some tickets only allow modifications to be made, and some require additional fees for that.
If you have booked through one of the travel agencies, you should check with the office employee.

How can I cancel a reservation and get a refund?

Reservation and ticket refund can be canceled through the company’s customer service staff through its website, or by referring to agents’ offices, knowing that some types of tickets require deduction of fees and taxes from the amount due.

Does Egypt Air allow pregnant and infants to travel on its flights?

Yes, Egyptian Airways permits the travel of premature infants 7 days after their birth, provided their health condition is stable.
As for pregnant women, they are allowed to travel on board the flights of EgyptAir until the 36th week of pregnancy without the permission of the attending physician, while the permit must be submitted later on this date.

What is required for the travel of people with special needs on Egyptian Airways flights?

Egyptian Airlines offers convenient privileges and services for people with special needs traveling on its flights, especially those with mobility impairments.
To request these services, please inform the case up to 48 hours before the flight.

Can my child travel on EgyptAir unaccompanied flights?

Yes, children from 6 to 12 years can travel unaccompanied via the Egyptian Air Transport Company, provided that the child’s guardian himself is handed over to the check-in gate at the departure airport and signs the company’s unaccompanied children form.
Children under 6 years of age are not permitted to travel without a companion or air escort in extreme cases, with the payment of one child’s ticket and another for air escort (one way), preferably a direct flight without stops.

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