Egypt, the mother of the world as it is heard from it, is one of the most important tourism destinations in Africa and the world at large, as it is the Pharaonic civilization and history that extends for more than 7000 years, and the attractive strategic location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the north and the Red Sea in the east.
For its enjoyment of ancient civilization and its distinguished location, Egypt includes a group of the finest natural and historical tourist attractions in all its parts, from the far north where the beaches of Alexandria, to the far south, where the Aswan temples pass through the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza, the most famous historical tourist attraction in the world.
In this short report, we answer you about some of the most important questions of the honorable visitors wishing to tourism in Egypt, and among these questions are where is Egypt located and what are the distances between Egyptian tourist cities such as Cairo, Alexandria and Hurghada.

Km distances between Egyptian cities

Best hotels in Egypt

Egypt is distinguished for its luxurious hotels and resorts, in terms of distinctive locations near services, tourist attractions, and stunning views, in addition to high-end service and comfortable furniture. Before traveling to Egypt, we advise you to expedite booking the hotel units in advance to get a good offer on the prices, and here is a list of the best resorts and hotels that Egypt’s former guests recommend staying in .. Read more

Egypt hotels

Where is Egypt located on the map:

The Arab Republic of Egypt is located in the North of the African continent in the Middle East, followed by the Sinai Peninsula, on the Asian continent. You can view the map below to find out exactly where Egypt is located on Google Maps.

The most suitable time for tourism in Egypt:

The winter season is the most appropriate time to visit Egypt in general, as the weather is cool and pleasant and suitable for transporting between the various monuments, especially for tourists who want to visit the deserts of Egypt, which is inflamed in summer, and in the summer you can visit coastal cities such as Hurghada, Marsa Matruh and Alexandria, the bride of the Mediterranean.

Distances between Egyptian cities:

Below, we will learn together the distances between the most important tourist cities in Egypt and how to travel between them using the available means of transportation.

The distance between Cairo and Alexandria:

The distance between the two destinations is 218 kilometers, according to Google Maps, and can be traveled in about two and a half hours in the Super Jet “bus” at a cost ranging between 3 and 5 dollars or by private car in two hours and ten minutes at a cost of 7-11 dollars.

The distance between Cairo and Hurghada :

The distance between Hurghada and Cairo is approximately 452 km, and you can travel to Hurghada from Cairo by bus in five hours and ten minutes at a cost of no more than $ 17.

Distance between Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh:

The distance from Hurghada to the tourist city of Sharm el-Sheikh is 110 kilometers by sea, and can be reached in two and a half hours by ferry at a cost of $ 40.

Distance Cairo and Aswan:

The shortest distance between them is about 856 km, and you can travel by train in thirteen hours at a cost of $ 2-8.

Distance between Luxor and Aswan:

The distance is 227 km, and the express train can be traveled in three hours and 25 minutes at a cost of no more than $ 2.

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