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EgyptAir operates the longest sustainable flight in the world

المسافرون العرب

EgyptAir operates the longest sustainable flight in the world - EgyptAir operates the longest sustainable flight in the world

Egypt Air was delivered this week the latest sustainable biofuel planes at its headquarters in Cairo. A Boeing 787-9 flew from Seattle to the Egyptian capital, 10973 km away. It was operating with sustainable biofuels, making it the longest sustainable flight in the world.
This 13-hour journey is a commitment by EgyptAir to sustainability and environmental conservation. Dreamliner is also one of the most fuel efficient aircraft in the world. Watch also: Wi-Fi and Internet on EgyptAir in 2019Egypt is the first operator to use Boeing’s new sustainable fuel program, which gives airlines the option to choose biofuels for plane flights.
The delivery of the “Dreamliner” aircraft was part of a long-term agreement with Ireland’s Aircap charter company. “The 787 Dreamliner is an ideal choice for EgyptAir, allowing the company to reduce fuel consumption on the one hand and reduce emissions by up to 25 percent on the other hand, while meeting the aspirations of sustainable growth,” said Aengus Kelly, CEO of AerCap. It is worth noting that sustainable aviation fuel has been shown to help reduce aircraft carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80 percent. The biofuel used to power Dreamliner was created from agricultural waste. Manufactured in California by World Energy, it is the first commercially designed facility to manufacture renewable jet fuel

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