Lake Lugano is one of the most magnificent tourist attractions in Switzerland. Lugano or Lugano, located in southern Switzerland near Italy, is one of the largest cities in Switzerland. It is one of the sources of tourist attraction in Switzerland because of its charming nature and its containment of Lake Lugano, which is surrounded by high mountains in all respects, making it look The lake is breathtaking. The city of Lugano, Switzerland includes historic Swiss landmarks such as museums and churches, as well as it has some italyn qualities due to its proximity to Italy and the people in Lugano speak the italyn language.

Lake Lugano or Lugano
The maximum depth of the lake is 288 meters, it is full of fish and allows fishing. It is characterized by the tranquility of nature, wonderful Swiss taste and italyn elegance as many palm trees grow, which gives the lake a wonderful atmosphere in all seasons.

2- Splendid Royal Hotel
The Splendid Royal Hotel is one of the best high-end hotels in Lugano, on the main street next to Lake Lugano, and with this view it is preferred by many tourists and visitors.

3- San Grato Park
The San Grato Park is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Lugano, this place is located at a high altitude and extends over a wide area of ​​roses and green plants.

4- Ciani Park
It is located near the center of the Swiss city of Lugano and overlooks the picturesque Lake Siricio. It is called the pearl of the city of Lugano and is one of the most famous parks in the city and receives many tourists who admire it and admire the scarcity of plants and flowers inside it.

5- The Lugano Culture Museum
It opened for the first time in 1989, overlooking Lake Lugano and displays a large number of artworks, antiques and ancient paintings, some of which date back to the nineteenth century. The museum is located within the Henelium Park that contains rare plants and the museum receives visitors every day except for every Monday Official vacation is there.

6- Prussian Chocolate Factory
It is one of the most visited places in the city for tourists, as it offers chocolate with luxurious and varied varieties, and the factory attracts many chocolate lovers, and it is distinguished in this factory that it has the latest technology necessary to manufacture the finest chocolate, so we do not marvel when we see that Swiss chocolate is one of the most expensive types of chocolate .

7 – Via NASA Street
It is one of the most famous streets of the city and one of the most prominent shopping and tourism places in Lugano, this street includes many stores and many international brands and famous Swiss watch brands in the world and many restaurants and cafes.

8- Soynis amusement park
You can enjoy many wonderful games, which are found in some parts of the theme park and real jobs that children can actually try it is a great way to give the child a realistic future vision of the job that he wishes when he grew up to work, working daily from nine in the morning until six o’clock pm Swiss time.

9- Markets and Bazaars
The markets and bazaars are considered one of the most important things that tourists are keen to visit, especially on Tuesday morning to enjoy the popular Tuesday market in fruits, meat and cheese. The market exists every Friday and Tuesday morning from eight in the morning until twelve in the afternoon, and every Saturday from eight in the morning until five in the morning Evening in the village of Canova, and there is the famous Fox Town Market located in the three largest Swiss cities and its main commercial center is located in Mendrisio, fifteen kilometers from the city of Lugano and fifty kilometers from Milan and is full of international brands that deserve to see before leaving For a city and take some of it as a souvenir.

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