Turkey has a number of mountainous rural villages with hills and highlands that attract tourists from everywhere in the world, Sakarya is one of the cities that are characterized by the abundance of high hills, despite being an industrial city located in the northwest of Turkey, an hour and a half away from Istanbul by bus and half an hour By express train the city enjoys natural beauty is one of the main cities to attract tourism in Turkey, is one of the centers of the textile industry of all kinds, so it has giant markets, the city has a number of villages such as Yayla Village is one of the political destinations that attract hiking enthusiasts.

Yaela Hills is one of the places that have its own character especially in the winter, where it is completely different from other seasons. The atmosphere is foggy, with smoky smoke and yellow leaves. It makes you feel warm with cold weather. Of course, this place is suitable for hikers who can spend the weekend in this Hills and walking distances between trees covered with snow, the temperature reaches 6 degrees below zero.

You can stay in the wooden houses, but you must specify a path that takes about 4 to 9 hours. It is distinctive that the hills are close to the city of Istanbul half an hour using the express train, you can go to it at the end of the week. Fresh oxygen rich air.

Sakarya is one of the distinctive tourist cities in Turkey, as it has a very distinctive view of the Black Sea that abounds in green areas, and it also passes through the Sakarya River which originates from the Opium Mountains and ultimately empties into the Black Sea. Among the tourists, Lake Sapanca enjoys a charming calm length of 16 km and a width of 5 km, as the lake is surrounded by hotels on its banks, also Sakarya River is the third river in Turkey, the region has a creative nature and green mountains.

It is an ideal place for photography enthusiasts. There are waterfalls, sparrows and wooden hotels. They are suitable for summer and winter tourism. Every time in the city, it has a special way in the summer. Enjoy swimming on the coasts of the Black Sea. In winter, you enjoy hiking between the highlands and hills and going to the hot springs and the flowing water used for treatment. You can also enjoy camping on the highlands. Such as the Inonu Plateau, as the city is not without historical places in the Ottoman nature, such as the Sultanah Mosque, Rahima, the wife of Sultan Abdul Majid I, which was built in the nineteenth century and has an earthquake museum, but most places Repelled by tourists are the natural places of lakes, waterfalls, hills, plateaus and lakes for its creative beauty.

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