Information about Al Boom Tourist Village Dubai, Dubai, the most popular tourist city in the United Arab Emirates, and the Arab world, where there are many aspects of entertainment, and the ingredients of tourism, because it is spread by many cities, tourist villages, and various tourism activities, which work to spoil its tourists, and their enjoyment Through a unique, unforgettable and varied tourism experience, Al Boom Tourist Village is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Emirate of Dubai, which has many features and activities that we will know today through Arab travelers.

Al Boom Tourist Village Dubai

The Al Boom Village in Dubai is located on an area of ​​more than 6 hectares, it was established nearly thirty three years ago, and it has many branches in the Emirates, in Dubai, in the capital Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah as well.
It is one of the most distinguished tourist attractions, which is considered a first destination for all citizens and visitors of the United Arab Emirates in general, and the Emirate of Dubai in particular. Al Boom Village has many advantages; it overlooks the Dubai Creek, and the world’s tallest tower, “Burj Khalifa”, and among the most prominent Sights: Al-Garbhoud tower, and Wonder Land.
It is famous for having a wonderful restaurant, with a special name, is the restaurant “first time”, which is characterized by the presentation of traditional folk cuisine, and also offers international cuisine as well.
And exclusively cruise excursions by distinctive ships.

Advantages of Al Boom Tourist Village, Dubai

First Time Restaurant

Zaman Al Awal Restaurant has unique designs that mix heritage and modernity, so you can enjoy watching many historical symbols inside the restaurant, as if it were a beautiful masterpiece overlooking the water, telling the history of the United Arab Emirates from its inception.
Cities can visit the first Zaman restaurant to have a wonderful experience of delicious Emirati food, through the various meals provided by the restaurant.

Knowledgeable ship

Al Aref boat is considered one of the distinguished historical tourist boats of Dubai, as it dates from the establishment of the UAE, and was used in the movement of commercial exchange between the UAE and other countries.
The Al Arif ship consists of two floors, on the upper floor there is a café that serves coffee in the unique Emirati traditional way.
And the lower deck has a museum that tells the ancient history of the ship.

Freej Village

The presence of the village of Freij in the tourist village, is one of the first reasons that drive visitors to the village, where the village of Freij embodies characters, and the homes of a popular cartoon series, which also attracts children.

Al Dar Steamship

The ancient ship that was used to circulate commercial traffic between the Arab Gulf states, which was drowned in 1960 in the waters of the Arabian Gulf, but what is there is the part that was saved from it, and it is one of the great artifacts.

How to communicate with the village

Umm Hureir, Dubai, UAE.
Telephone number

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