Essaouira tourist city

Essaouira id is an old Moroccan Arab city located on the coast of the Indian Ocean on the west side of the Kingdom of Morocco on a longitude 9.46 degrees west of the Greenwich Line, and on a latitude of 31.30 degrees north of the equator, and its land area is 90 km², and rises above sea level 11l, and is administratively tracked to The province of Essaouira, called the city of winds, and has a twinning with several cities such as the city of Goure, La Rochelle, and Etterbeek.

Tourist attractions of Essaouira

  • Essaouira walls: It was built in the year 1765 AD, with the aim of repelling the attack, and the walls are characterized by containing five gates and its European-style architecture.
  • Safari:
    • Issa Safari offers organized desert and beach tours that include horse riding, camel, mountain bike, SUV, and walking tours.
    • Diana Safari provides four-wheel drive along the city’s beaches overlooking the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Bab Al Bahr: It was built in the year 1770 AD, and is characterized by its geometric shape, which is topped with a strip of fine decoration in the form of triangles. It is also a single main entrance to enter the city.
  • Port Scaffolding: It overlooks an old military barracks that was the center of soldiers and ammunition.
  • Bab Marrakesh Fort: It is 980 m² in size and has been constructed of cut-stone stones in order to repel the attacks of the Europeans.
  • The Jewish Quarter (Al-Mallah): It was built in the late sixteenth century AD by Sultan Al-Saadi Ahmed Al-Mansour Al-Thahabi.
  • The Kasbah Mosque: It is located in the center of the old city, and covers an area of ​​900 square meters. It includes a school, a square shaped silo, student shelter rooms, and a bright fountain in the middle.
  • old City: It was placed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2001.
  • Mogador Island: Geographically located off the coast of Essaouira, which is an ancient island dating back to the Phoenicians, and discovered pottery vessels dating back to the second half of the seventh century BC.
  • Place Moulay el Hassan: It is one of the very famous areas of the city because of its attractive location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and its most active vital beach.

The economy of the city of Essaouira

The economy of Essaouira is dependent on several sectors, such as:

  • The fishing sector, as it is considered one of the oldest economic sectors in the city.
  • The tourism sector because it contains a large number of tourist, historical and religious monuments.

Various information about the city of Essaouira

  • Arabic and Berber are official languages.
  • The playwright Tayeb al-Siddiqi, politician Miloud al-Shaabi, writer Hamzah bin Idris al-Othmani, and athlete Sufyan Hamini, musician Abdel Rahim al-Suwiri, journalist David Bensosan, historian Haim al-Zaafrani, and artist Shadia Bayrou are among the most prominent figures of the city.
  • Its climate is hot in summer, and mild in winter.

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