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Abu Dhabi Emirate

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and its largest emirate, as it constitutes more than 85% of the country’s area as a whole, and it is indicated that it provides about 10% of the general oil reserves, and 5% of gas reserves worldwide, and is therefore considered the emirate that It has the largest percentage of financial income, as it uses this income to develop its infrastructure continuously, to reach modernity, sophistication and modernity. In this article, we will introduce you more to one of the most important and famous buildings in Abu Dhabi, namely: the Union Towers.

Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi

It is a group of five towers, located on the opposite side of the Emirates Palace Hotel, specifically in the Cape Verde area, next to the Abu Dhabi Corniche. The second of the year 2010 AD, but its inauguration was in November of the year 2011 AD, and it is indicated that its cost amounted to about 2.5 billion dirhams.

Design of Etihad Towers

The planning and construction of these towers was supervised by a group of engineers belonging to the company (DBI Design) Australian, and who took great care of all the details related to the foundations and design, the finest types of materials were used, and attention to how to distribute spaces on all floors, in addition to choosing lights, and creating the general atmosphere inside and outside the towers, in order to achieve a distinct experience for visitors and tourists of luxury, comfort And, happiness, it is worth noting that Sheikh Surur Al Nahyan was monitoring the construction process in advance.

The floors were distributed over the towers as follows:

the tower
Height of the tower in meters
Tower floors
The first tower
277 m
The second tower
205 m
The third tower
260 m
The fourth tower
234 m
Fifth tower
218 m

The most important facilities in Etihad Towers

The Etihad Towers overlook many beautiful and breathtaking natural panoramic views, and they include many facilities dedicated to serving visitors, including:

  • Three residential towers.
  • Five-star hotels, the most famous of which is the Jumeirah Hotel, which has a height of 280 meters.
  • Office tower.
  • Avenue Center, which is one of the most important and finest shops, and it is indicated that it has private rooms for measuring clothes, which are used by VIPs in secret and in complete comfort.
  • Restaurants, which differ in flavors and origins, there are Arab, Middle Eastern and other restaurants, the most famous of which is the Japanese Japanese Restaurant, which was opened in the year 2012 AD.
  • The observation deck, located on the seventy-fourth floor, overlooks all of the city’s distinctive landmarks.

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