Expensive tourist destinations in 2020

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With the approach of the New Year’s holiday, many people are preparing to plan tourist travel trips abroad to enjoy spending the holiday period in a wonderful place, and if you are one of them then you will want to spend the holiday period in an amazing place that deserves the value of the money you will spend throughout the travel trip, Better to be a great place to help you save as much money as possible.

For that, come let us know about a group of the best, great and cost-saving tourist destinations for 2020:


The country of Nepal has gone through several severe crises and disasters in recent times, the most important of which is the earthquake disaster and the fuel crisis that made traveling around the country very difficult, but fortunately Nepal has begun to recover and by 2020 you will return again one of the wonderful tourist destinations and save money, when you visit Nepal Thanks to the famous nature network in the country, you can enjoy trekking on foot, and you can also enjoy exploring the country’s rich wildlife and seeing the country’s high mountains. When you visit Nepal in 2020, you will receive a lot of welcome from citizens who greatly appreciate the visit of tourists to their country, especially during that period when the country needs to increase its income to overcome its economic crisis.


The value of the Namibian dollar (which is linked to the South African rand currency) has been decreasing over the past few years compared to the values ​​of many other currencies around the world, and with the continued devaluation of the currency, next year will be a very appropriate time to visit the country of Nepal, which has a lot to offer starting from safaris Amidst the deserts and the diverse wildlife in the “Fish River Canyon” park and even strolling on foot in the Fish River Valley which is the longest valley in the African continent and watching the famous “Sossusvlei” dunes, in the state of Nepal you can visit many wonderful areas and make a mention Yat is distinctive without having to spend more money.

Porto – Portugal:

The city of Porto is one of the most beautiful Europeans, but it has a little popularity among tourists compared to other European cities, although it contains many wonderful tourist attractions and overlooks the River Duero, the third largest river in the Iberian Peninsula, and its length is 897 km. In addition, the city of Porto It contains many restaurants and hotel units at low cost in addition to a working airline and specialized in organizing low-cost flights from Porto to all parts of Europe and vice versa. The city of Porto also contains many wonderful museums with low cost of entry, as well as classic old tram trains that you can try riding and traveling in all parts of the city, then you can go to one of the wonderful beaches and then go to a restaurant to eat one of the delicious local delicious meals And low-cost that will often make you full throughout the day.

Venice, Italy:

An amazing tourist place, without spending a lot of money, usually these two things do not meet together especially in the case of famous tourist cities such as Venice but you may be able to achieve this difficult equation and not spend most of your savings during your trip to Venice if you can plan your trip to this charming city intelligently . The usual advice is to stay in Mestre, or even the least expensive Treviso, take the train to Venice and spend the day there, but if you want to enjoy one of the great late-night excursions in Venice, you can search for a good deal for a good place to stay in the city through The famous Airbnb site where a good number of locals rent out their rooms and condos.

Debrecen – Hungary:

It is a wonderful city and the second largest city in Hungary and contains beautiful tourist attractions, although it is almost hidden from the eyes of tourists compared to the Hungarian capital Budapest, the most important characteristic of the city of Debrecen is the low cost of accommodation in it and in addition to that it has become an airline specialized in low flights The cost from the city to seven European countries and vice versa, this city is also one of the rich tourist destinations in history, which also contains modern art theaters, as many festivals are held in the streets, especially in the summer season, in addition to this this city is home to a park. Hortoba gy “national which is one of the most beautiful natural and romantic destinations in Hungary.

Expensive tourist destinations in 2020 - Expensive tourist destinations in 2020

Expensive tourist destinations in 2020 - Expensive tourist destinations in 2020

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Debrecen – Hungary

1581269222 401 Expensive tourist destinations in 2020 - Expensive tourist destinations in 2020
Porto – Portugal

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Venice, Italy


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