Colombo is one of the most beautiful and largest tourist places in Sri Lanka, in addition to being the capital, it includes many places worth visiting, such as parks, beaches, modern shopping places, etc., most notably the Digana Garden, the Alliance, the Pelanuela Temple, its stoned Vihariya, Galle Castle, Mount Lavinia, and the Colombo National Museum, The National Zoo.


It is one of the most beautiful cities of Sri Lanka, and it is one of the important archaeological sites in it. It overlooks a plateau approximately 180 meters high. This plateau is known as the Lion Rock. Sigiriya also overlooks dense bushes at the bottom of the slope. Sigiriya can be reached through the stairs and paths that were dug in Lion Rock.


Kandy is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, where many tourists go to spend a quiet vacation and enjoy the natural scenery and visit the tourist places, including the famous Kandy Lake, the orphanage of elephants and the Royal Botanical Garden, which is famous for being a gathering of many orchards and fruit trees, and Kandy is also known as a home to many landmarks Archaeological, including the “Tooth Relic” temple.


Ghali is the capital of the southern province and the capital of Ghali province, which is the fourth largest city in Sri Lanka, and is one of the famous tourist attractions, and one of the most famous landmarks of the city of Gali is the historical fort that dates back to the seventeenth century, but it is not the only tourist attraction, there are also many Beautiful buildings and houses where foreigners own about a third.


One of the most beautiful cities of Sri Lanka and one of the important tourist areas in it, and is characterized by its picturesque nature and pleasant climate, which is rich in tourist places such as waterfalls, lakes and parks, including Lake Gregory Noralia, Victoria Park, Waterfalls Leap and Hakkala Botanical Garden.


One of the most famous historical cities in Sri Lanka, and it is the second oldest kingdom in it, and the history of building this ancient city that contains monuments in very good condition, dates back to the twelfth century.


It is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, and it is one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the country, and it is famous as the best places to watch the sunset and sunrise in Sri Lanka.


It is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka and is known for its beaches and coral reefs that allow visitors to dive options, enjoy the sun, enjoy boat trips, kayaking and various water sports such as surfing, water skiing and watching dolphins.

Galle Castle

It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, built by the Portuguese in 1588, and characterized by its historical walls, charming narrow streets, old houses and historical buildings, with a variety of shops, art galleries and restaurants.

Yala National Park

It is a natural reserve for wildlife, and includes large numbers of different wild animals, as it is home to 215 different species of birds, including 7 types of its original habitat is the Yala National Park.

Temple of Buddha Bentota

Founded in 1734, and is located 6 km from the center of the city of Bentota, and is one of the most important links in Buddhist religious activities in Sri Lanka as it is visited by many visitors from different countries of the world.

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