If you are a fan of traveling, traveling and traveling, you will need to always search for the best and cheapest offers, so we have chosen for you 5 applications that help you to book flights and ensure that you get the best service for the lowest possible price:

Hopper app

It is an easy application that has an easy and simple user interface. It includes definition of everything, analyzes the prices of up to 15 billion flights every day and predicts the cheapest prices with an accuracy of 95%, as it tracks flight prices to help you decide whether you want to buy now or wait until it reaches a reasonable price, and does so in a way Almost instantaneous as the app uses advanced data science to predict travel and airline tickets prices.

The Flight Tracker app

It features a more accessible search service to find flights, track flights around the world, and provide detailed information for departure and arrival times, in addition to saving and sharing this information via email and text messages, while providing a service to receive notifications of flight delays, cancellations, or any other changes Pre-departure as well as weather forecasts for each airport for up to 10 days.

Skiplagged application

It is characterized by its ability to find the best prices for flights and hotels and save hundreds of dollars compared to other travel sites thanks to its dependence on the hidden city flight feature which is a trick known to many professionals of permanent travel, as this application is characterized by its ability to explore travel dates that give you low prices and see changes Prices and filtering trips according to the duration, number of flights, departure times / landing time and more, while providing a service to receive notifications when the price of your flight decreases.

Jetradar application

It is distinguished by providing the cheapest flight tickets for your flight, as it provides you with the prices available to travel to a large number of destinations by comparing prices between more than 1038 regular airlines, and low cost. It is also characterized by its ability to explore options easily with the display of cheap price map across several destinations. It provides flight statistics such as checking the permissible baggage weight, delay information, and aircraft models with the ability to easily share cheap airline tickets across multiple messaging services with friends or family.

Hitlist application

It is characterized by its ability to check prices for millions of trips, and thus provides the best travel paths to help you know the best time to travel. Destination, which helps to know the time that gives you the best reasonable prices during the year to travel. The application is also distinguished by its ability to search widely, including continents, regions, beaches, islands and activities.

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