Saint Petersburg is characterized by its mild climate compared to the rest of the Russian cities, as it is a marine city, as it is rare for temperatures to drop below -10 ° C even in the height of winter. In spite of the great writer Dostoyevsky describing the burning summer of the city, the temperatures do not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, but high humidity controls the atmosphere of the city, which is difficult for most visitors to bear most of the time, and bringing rain protection clothing is necessary both in the summer season Or winter.
Not only is the weather, the main goal of the trip must be taken into account, as it is necessary to check the work calendar of the most important tourist areas in the city. For example, Mariinsky Theater closes its doors in the summer for two months, while fountains can be visited in Peterhof from June. To the month of October only, the number of festivals, festivals and celebrations that take place in the city of Saint Petersburg are also increasing throughout the year.

Pale autumn of the city of Saint Petersburg
The pale and short autumn season bears witness to the city’s return to work and preparing residents to welcome the upcoming long winter in mid-October. However, it is a wonderful time to visit Saint Petersburg, whose gardens are decorated with gorgeous autumnal colors that highlight the beauty of the sad city and give it a special luster. The fall witnesses the beginning of the cultural season of the city after the end of the August vacation, and although it is poor by the loud festivals that fill summer nights, it certainly provides some of the first shows and special events.
The imperial palaces and parks seem to be the most beautiful of all during this period, especially Pavlovsk and Ornenbam, which sparkle with their vast gardens, colored in bright red and quiet brown, and enjoy a majestic calm that is missing during other tourist seasons. This chapter is ideal for witnessing the magnificence of the amazing cathedrals and churches that make up a beautiful part of Saint Petersburg’s historical and artistic wealth.

The charming winter of Saint Petersburg
The magic and splendor of Saint Petersburg is prominent in the winter, which, despite its coldness and depression, leaves a wonderful character on the city that shines beautifully when the sun rises on its streets covered with snow, while the pace of the cultural life of the city accelerates with many first shows and beautiful parties that decorate the evenings Long for the winter season, except for the winter holiday period that begins in January.

Colorful spring season in Saint Petersburg
The colorful spring season begins in St. Petersburg from late March, and it is considered one of the best times to visit the cultural and tourist attractions that are spread all over the city before its streets are crowded with tourists during the summer. Life returns to the city after the long winter, whose cold effects still dominate the city whose residents tend to celebrate the beauty of spring, which features amazing panoramic views of the ice flowing from Lake Ladoga through the city’s water channels to melt in the Gulf of Finland.
Russian fireworks and street parties begin in early May, which is called the month of celebrations throughout Russia, which includes two important holidays in the country that are separated by one week, which is May Day and May 9.
Culturally, the Spring Music Festival, which lasts for about a month from late April to late May, is held in Saint Petersburg under the auspices of the Musicians Union, a festival that includes more selective names than the famous White Nights Stars Festival, and it always attracts a lot of eager music fans. On the other hand, the “SKIF” festival, which usually takes place in late April, mixes dance, electronic music, experimental melodies and international melodies, which may have its own audience, but is characterized by its unique attractiveness.

Enjoy the refreshing summer of Saint Petersburg
The legendary white St. Petersburg nights stretch from the end of May to mid-July, for the city to appear in the endless twilight with enchanting beauty when the sun sank beneath the horizon for more than an hour immediately after midnight, in a breathtaking dreamer scene. Darkness affects the rhythm of daily life, as we find the city’s residents participate in celebrations that last for two months around the clock, as the streets pulsate with life and people until the morning hours, so that the fleets of boats in the rivers and canals go out without stopping, while the city vibrates during the night with activity and vitality and witnesses The most beautiful events and festivals.
The summer is one of the most beautiful times to visit the city that tourists prefer, so it is preferable to make sure to book in advance of travel to Saint Petersburg during this period, and most of the sights and famous attractions are often very crowded. By the end of June, all major cultural centers are closed for a holiday that lasts until September, and culture lovers are advised to visit the city during the spring and autumn seasons to get the most out of their trip.
The summer of the city is marked by the world-famous “Stars of the White Nights Festival”, which runs until the end of June. This festival is considered one of the most important classical music festivals in the world, and attracts many international stars every year, and includes displays of the best local talents from Russian opera and ballet companies on the stage of Mariinsky Theater (known as Kirov outside Russia). This huge event coincides with the Olympus International Music Festival, which is a unique event that combines young winners of the first musical awards in the world with big names in the world of art to provide exceptional and wonderful performance.
On the other hand, the summer is the perfect time to visit the amazing imperial palaces that are scattered all over the city, and watch the famous Peter Gove fountains, which dance from the beginning of June to the tunes of celebrations decorating the city’s streets and beautiful parks in Pushkin and Pavlovsk, and must be taken into account permanently The crowding we are witnessing the city in this period.
The city suffers at the end of July from the effects of these long summer celebrations, and most people leave to spend their holidays elsewhere, and the city’s vitality decreases significantly, and it turns into an ideal base for tourists to travel from all over Russia.
The warm and humid weather hangs over the city from late May, while the breezes get cooler to decorate the city evenings even on sunny days, so it is advisable to bring a warm jacket while visiting Saint Petersburg during this period. But attention must be paid to mosquitoes, which are a source of inconvenience, especially in old buildings. Tourists can use the inexpensive compact evaporators, which provide effective insect protection, and are sold in kiosks, shops, and groceries, which guarantee visitors a good night’s sleep.

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