Lake Louise Ski Resort is one of the best and most beautiful resorts in North America, and was awarded the Best Resort in Canada by the World Ski Committee in November 2018, and it is part of the Canadian World Heritage Site Rocky Mountain Parks of UNESCO, and extends over an area of ​​4200 hectares From the ski grounds inside Banff National Park.

Lake Louise Resort belongs to the family of Charlie Locke and his wife Louise and their two daughters Robin and Kimberly, who have run the place since their childhood, and their touches can be seen throughout the resort, for example the two girls built a two-story stone fireplace in the center of the hotel. The two sisters worked in different professions before assuming their executive roles in Lake Louise ski resort, they hold a master’s degree in law and business administration, and they master all ski and hotel business.

The resort offers a lot of activities all year round, in addition to snow and ice skiing, there is hiking and a wildlife center. In summer the hotel also provides sightseeing trips and exploring the surrounding nature.
The hotel has a Kuma Yama sushi restaurant, which seems unconventional in a Canadian Canadian country ski resort, but is very popular due to its refined mix of high-quality ingredients and craftsmanship in cooking delicious dishes.

The two sisters are collaborating with a group of volunteers called “ski friends” to take guided tours of tourists, impart knowledge about local wildlife, the importance of vegetation and heritage preservation.
It may be difficult to reach the resort, especially in winter, but accommodation can be found near the lake where some humble hotels are spread out. Lake Louise is a two-hour drive from Calgary Alberta, about 45 minutes from downtown Banff. The resort can also be reached via a National Park bus that transports visitors from Lake Louise to Banff back and forth.

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