We accompany you on a tour to learn about the cost of tourism in the Philippines, where the tourist attractions vary in the Philippines; We will get to know him through the following lines in the article of Arab Travelers.

The cost of tourism in the Philippines

  • Some travelers are advised to prepare an amount between 8,000 and 10,000 SAR to cover the costs of travel and living in the Philippines within ten days.
  • In this regard, please review the ticket prices, which change according to the airline that you will depend on, or the airport from which you will travel.
  • This is in addition to calculating the emergency expense, and of course choosing the appropriate tourist season,
  • Avoid high seasons when traveling to the Philippines.
  • Tourist fees in the Philippines for the 10-day trip are estimated at 127.45 Saudi riyals.
  • The average price of a trip to the Philippines for twice this period is 15,000 Saudi riyals.
  • Tourists love to travel to the Philippines in the presence of tourism, because of its attractive natural scenery and archaeological history that mixes the eastern and western civilizations.
  • The Philippines contains a large number of activities that can be carried out in the natural areas, as well as the urban roads of its distinctive architectural character.
  • This is in addition to tourists accepting the average expenses in the Philippines on accommodation, transportation, food, and fees for visits to monuments.
  • Accordingly, taking into account some aspects and determining the value required for each of them before embarking on travel to the Philippines is necessary, And these aspects are:
  • Prices for airline tickets.
  • The number of individuals traveling (between young people, families, or a couple to spend a honeymoon trip, or celebrate the wedding anniversary, for example).
  • Philippines visa price, and how long to obtain it.
  • Accommodation rates for hotels, apartments, or hostels.
  • Average cost for food and drink.
  • Emergency expense.
  • Travel time and flight time.
  • Ideal travel times (avoiding tourist peak times).
  • Sightseeing fees, according to the number of attractions and the period of the trip to the Philippines.
  • The most important information about tourism in the Philippines

  • The official languages ​​of speaking are: Filipino, and English.
  • The local currency is the peso, and the Saudi riyal equals 13.9573 Philippine pesos.
  • Filipino cuisine is famous for preparing coconut, fish, mangoes and bananas, and Filipinos rely on a fork, knife or spoon to eat food.
  • The Philippines has a good communications network, and covers the most distant distances. The most popular means of transportation in cities are buses, foreheads, taxis, and three-wheeled motorcycles. There are also train stations. On the other hand, there are ferries, rivers and sea ports.
  • The accommodations vary, and is in keeping with the nature of the city or village in which it is located. There are hotels with gradations of stars, as well as hostels and youth hostels.
  • Eating in the Philippines
    Restaurants in the Philippines

    The cost of living in the Philippines

    • A review of the best offers on airline fares to the Philippines, we find that ticket prices start from SAR 959.64.
    • Prices for accommodation in the Philippines start at night in one-star hotels with 19,161 Saudi riyals, and up to 386.11 per night at the five-star hotel.
    • If you intend to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center for a month in the Philippines, this will cost you 1,030,87 SAR, and it will cost you 566.04 outside the city. Whereas if the apartment is in three rooms and in the city center, it will cost you in the month 2140.45 riyals, and it will cost you 1165.81 riyals if it is far from the city center.

    Accommodation in Philippines hotels

    • Obtaining visa approval approval for the Philippines for Saudi citizens requires waiting 21-59 days.
    • As for the average cost per meal from a Philippine restaurant, it is 10.87 SAR.
    • Considering the average transportation costs in the Philippines, the price of a regular taxi tariff is 2.85 riyals, while a single ticket by bus costs 0.71 riyals.

    Transportation in the Philippines

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