One of the first things that any traveler thinks about the plane is the amount of items and clothes that he will carry with him in the bag because it is not that easy there is forbidden and allowed and we do not forget about the issue of weight because everyone is allowed a specific weight on the plane!

First of all, we must distinguish between two types of travel bags that can travel with you on the plane:
The first check in luggage is a cargo bag or luggage:

Which is delivered at check-in counters and the bag’s allowable weight is between 20 kg up to 35 kg (over 30 kg the bag should be divided into two) it does not have specific specifications but in general its length is up to 160 cm.

The second is carry on luggage or handbag:

This is what you carry with you on the plane and puts it in the cabin, the allowable weight is up to 8 kg, and it has specific dimensions that vary from company to company depending on the plane, but in general its permitted dimensions are 50 * 35 * 20.
First we will explain what things are forbidden to take with you in the two bags such as fireworks, or any explosive material, lighter or sulfur sticks, pesticides, toxic materials and weapons for sure, and for sure the forbidden items such as drugs or self-defense materials such as pepper gas machine gun!

There are things forbidden in the shipping bag and they should be placed in the handbag only, such as batteries, dry or lithium, on top of which are the burbanks. As for the laptop, if you want to put it in the shipping bag, you should remove its battery and take it with you, as well as medicines in the handbag only.

As for the things that are forbidden to be taken in the handbag and should be in the shipping bag only, such as liquids or gel that are more than 100ml (less than 100ml take them with the shipping bag provided that they total no more than 1 liter) Sharp tools such as shears, knives, cooler and nail clipper Spoons, forks, sewing needles, razors, any carpentry equipment such as screwdrivers …

But attention must be paid, or there are things that need to carry certificates and approvals, such as medical needles and agricultural grains, liquids that are more than 100 ml and want to carry in a shipping bag and they must be tightly closed and well packed and for large sizes you should put them in a wooden box like olive oil!

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