If you do not eat at least once in a high-end restaurant in Taif then you do not enjoy tourism in Taif
As it should, because if you do not try everything fun in one of the most beautiful and best tourist cities in the Kingdom, then where will you enjoy!
Taif has become an important tourist destination for many people from inside and outside the Kingdom as it is a wonderful city with a nice climate in
Summer, and therefore attention to its facilities has become imperative, especially restaurants whose owners compete to provide the best service
And food for customers.
Find with us the best and finest of these restaurants ever.

5 of the most luxurious high-end restaurants in Taif

Mirage For Indian Food

Mirage Indian Food Restaurant is located on the 30th floor of Olaf International Hotel in Taif, if you visit this
The restaurant only once, we assure you that it will not be the only time because you will go to the same restaurant again and again, despite
We always advise readers to try all that is new and not to stick to only one thing regarding tourism; but you will get addicted
Food at Mirage Restaurant.
The restaurant offers a delicious Indian food experience such as excellent Biryani rice cooked with saffron, chicken or lamb, and chicken
Tandoori cooked in yogurt and spices in addition to delicious appetizers; with touches of Indian decor, the staff are always cheerful and the service is excellent;
The quality food served is Mirage, one of the best upscale Taif restaurants you’ll ever visit.
The restaurant is open seven days a week, from half past one in the evening until one in the morning.Mirage For Indian FoodMirage For Indian FoodMirage For Indian FoodMirage For Indian Food Restaurant Read also: The best and most beautiful parks in Taif

Peacock Restaurant Al Taif

Peacock Restaurant is one of the famous high-end restaurants known in Taif and has been luxuriously and elegantly designed, either
The staff at the restaurant have a great experience in everything and work with dedication to reach your hand the tastiest dish that you can
You take it at all.
Peacock is one of the most prominent high-end Indian restaurants in the popular district of Shihar, which makes visitors mean
On an ongoing basis, and it offers a large number of delicious menus and snacks, make sure that you feel confused about the choice
One meal is among dozens and dozens of meals.
The Peacock Restaurant opens its doors from half past one in the evening until one in the morning. Peacock Restaurant Al TaifPeacock Restaurant Al TaifPeacock Restaurant Al TaifPeacock Restaurant Al Taif

Jollibee Al Taif Restaurant

Jollibee is one of the high-end fast food restaurants located in the city of Taif and is a chain of famous restaurants for him
Branches in most places in the world, and it offers many varied and delicious meals as it is suitable for families,
While you are in Taif, you must make sure not to miss eating at Jollibee Restaurant at least once, as it serves food
In great ways, the eyes are taken according to the principle of the eye eat before the mouth, and the services are excellent and fast and you will never regret trying it.
The restaurant is open for diners from nine in the morning until one in the morning.Jollibee Al Taif RestaurantJollibee Al Taif Restaurant Read also: Best Taif Amusement Park .. 4 amusement parks in Taif

Saadeddin pastry Al Taif sweets

Of course, we cannot forget only restaurants specializing in sweets. Saad Eddin Sweets started its activity in 1976 in the Kingdom
Saudi Arabia at the hands of its owner, Muhammad Ali Saad al-Din, then developed and became its branches spread throughout the Kingdom and in
Bahrain and Kuwait as well.
It is one of the leading restaurants and confectionery chains in the Arab region, where it offers the most delicious Arab and international sweets that you will eat in your entire life with a unique taste that you will not taste like anywhere else.Saadeddin pastry Al Taif sweetsSaadeddin pastry Al Taif sweetsSaadeddin pastry Al Taif sweetsSaadeddin pastry Al Taif sweets

Revolving restaurant Al Taif

Olaf Al Dawwar Restaurant is considered the most luxurious and elegant restaurant in the entire Taif, it is an amazing restaurant and has views of the summit in splendor and beauty
And its decorations are impeccable, all in the description of the restaurant itself, let alone the food it provides!
The restaurant offers the most delicious and highest quality meals and the most beautiful in presentation, shape and service is excellent, the restaurant is located in the Olaf Hotel
International.Revolving restaurant Al TaifRevolving restaurant Al TaifRevolving restaurant Al TaifRevolving restaurant Al Taif

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