Turkish kebabs are unique and delicious taste. A huge number of tourists flock to Turkey in order to eat Turkish kebabs. Turkish kebabs are made with lamb or beef and the way the kebabs work varies according to the place. The kebabs in Istanbul are different from the kebabs in Ankara and completely different from Gaziantep and southern Turkey from the north Turkey and the town of Birekic located in the state of Chanli Urfa is famous, it is one of the provinces of Turkey called the Edessa province in the south of Turkey is one of the largest archeological provinces in the Turkish south on the Syrian border, the city has been turned the city of the prophets, the city is famous for the work of poppy kebabs.

Poppy kebabs are prepared from lamb with minced vegetables, tourists flock to this city on the banks of the Euphrates to go to restaurants that offer delicious kebabs and kebabs are made from sheep meat from natural pastures that are manually chopped and added to the fresh ingredients of parsley, coriander, pepper and Turkish spices Various and manually chop the ingredients The mixture is prepared about 3 hours, the only condition in making this kind of sheep kebab that lives in the natural pastures gives a very distinct flavor and delicious and distinctive taste, the meat chops are manually chopped as well as the ingredients and vegetables.

The town of Birzek is one of the most beautiful villages in the province of Chanli Urfa. It is located on the Syrian border on the banks of the Euphrates River. It is characterized by the abundance of archaeological areas called the city of the prophets because of the presence of a number of holy places in it that were stable for a number of prophets, including Khalil Allah Ibrahim, peace be upon him, Ayoub, peace be upon him, and Shoaib upon him Peace. The city is characterized by the abundance of archaeological mosques and unique monuments. Among the unique places there is a kubikli, a hill dating back to the Stone Age, one of the oldest religious temples in the world and the sacred fish pond, where it is said that it is the place of works of fire in our master Ibrahim, peace be upon him. R-Lake was coolness and peace for Abraham there is the lake fish is said to be from touching fish or untouched bad gets hurt, there is next to the lake a number of ancient buildings that were created in the era of the Ottoman Empire, including the Hebron School.

Among the unique features of the city are the Museum of Antiquities and Mosaics, the cave of the birth of Ibrahim, peace be upon him, and the Urfa Castle. The city is characterized by a popular market that sells distinctive Turkish spices, Turkish coffee, tea, carpets and perfumes. Scenic Natural The city is famous for its almond trees, barley crops, and wheat.

The restaurants of pistachio kebabs are spread on the banks of the Euphrates River, especially in the city of Bir Jek called the city of the black rose, where there are traces that end to the stone eras and unique stone monuments of the city of flavor and taste strange in the history. The city is famous for the black rose that does not exist anywhere else in the world other than this city The houses are characterized by the ancient stone architectural character. You can move between the banks of the city by crossing the suspended Khalqati Bridge over the Euphrates River. On both sides of the river, you find restaurants that serve delicious kebabs. There is no other city in Turkey than that city, if you were a fan of Turkish kebabs and fulfilled To eat kebabs in several different flavors do not miss eating kebab poppy delicacy made from sheep meat from the natural pastures in the city ..

Do not forget to take the private camera in the city with historical monuments and the black rose that are not found anywhere in the world to document the trip ..

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