The city of Voss contains many tourist attractions and activities that suit many, including:

The sport of free jumping from the plane

Foss has a number of sports activities such as free jumping from the plane, which is one of the important math provided by the city, where the tourist will experience free jumping for 45 seconds, and live that amazing experience, which will not be repeated frequently, nor does it need training training, where An experienced instructor from the tourist is placed when parachuting to reach a safe descent, all that is required of the tourist is complete relaxation, you can see the picturesque scenery enjoyed by the city of Voss while practicing this wonderful experience.

Alpine skiing

One of the important maths available in Foss is skiing 55 kilometers from the wonderful Alpine hiking trails, which contains 20 lifts that help tourists navigate for skiing. Alternatively, for skiing, you can enjoy walking, cycling or canoeing.

Tourist places to visit in Vos

The most important tourist places and activities that can be visited from the city of Voss:
– Vossevangen Center.
– Tvindefossen waterfall.
– Vikafjellsvegen Highlands and Lakes.
Skydive Voss.
– Voss Active rowing.
– Steinsalsfossen waterfall.
The town of Odda.
LateFossen Waterfall
– The town of Kinsarvik.
– The town of Eidfjord.
– Voringfossen waterfall.
– Ulvik town.
Hanseviiertel Bryggen – People’s Square
– Overlook the tourist train Floibanen.
Bergen Torgallmenningen City Center.
Ulriken643 Cable Car.
– stalheimskleiva view.
Flam Town and Train.
Ireland Town of Aurland.
– Stegastein view.

The best hotels in Norwegian Vos

The city of Foss is distinguished for its presence on the most important international hotels, and it also provides many services that attract a lot of tourists to it every year. Among these hotels are the following:

Vos Pavalstone Resort

It is a group of beautiful cottages, which are located in a high place, giving it a distinctive view, it overlooks Lake Foss, and the product contains a sauna in the cottage, which gives you great relaxation, and the product is only five minutes from the market by car.

Myrkdalen Hotel

It is one of the distinctive modern hotels located in Voss, and it offers many services for tourists, the hotel contains three international restaurants, which serve various famous dishes, also contains rooms for children’s games, and provides Wi-Fi service for guests, so they can enjoy the speeds High for the Internet, as it is characterized by a housekeeping service that takes place in a record time, the hotel is located in the outskirts of Voss and 29 km away.

Park Vossivangen Hotel

It is considered one of the very special hotels located in the Norwegian city of Voss, which was rated five stars, where the Park Vossevangen Hotel has a wonderful staff, starting from the reception until the cleaners, everyone welcomes the guests, and the hotel also contains many special offers such as dance performances, which It is established at the end of the weekend, that is, on Thursday, and it also has a large parking lot that can be placed in the car in order to preserve it. Other global uncle.

Fleischer Hotel

The Fleischer Hotel is the best available hotel in the city of Vos, as it was designed according to ancient Romen designs, it was built on an area of ​​30 acres, and it is near the popular Vos Square where it is only one hundred meters, the hotel also contains a gym, and offers many Concerts that take place in the covered hall, in addition to that it overlooks the water areas, and there are many trees that give it a wonderful view.

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