– Taiba Arak Hotel Suites directly overlooks the Noble Prophet Mosque, and it also provides a place to stay through self-catering services in Medina. There is also a specialized shopping center, which is located only a few steps from the residence site.
– The suites at Taiba Arak Hotel are distinguished by their rich decorations and equipped with valuable wooden furniture and attractive decorative fabrics, and all suites are equipped with free Wi-Fi and a flat screen with many satellite channels. The suites have a fully equipped kitchen, and there are many The wings directly overlooking the Prophet’s Mosque.
– The Tayba Arak Hotel offers you a large gift shop at the reception and location, which provides 24-hour service to guests and has a service that enables guests to store their luggage. The hotel also has international restaurants and shops within less than five minutes by walking. .
– The hotel has a dedicated car park but includes additional costs that must be paid, other than the cost of staying in the hotel.
– That area of ​​Madinah is one of the best areas for guests based on the reviews that they gave to the hotel, that place is also one of the best sites with the highest rating in Medina so the guests feel happy in it and the site got a rating of visitors of 8.8 degrees.

Yanbu see you resort

This resort is located on the new promenade of Yanbu city, which is one of the most beautiful beaches overlooking the Red Sea, on an area of ​​45 thousand square meters. The resort includes 63 chalets, 22 luxurious hotel rooms, many sports services, a steam sauna room, a Jacuzzi tub and a swimming pool, in addition to a restaurant Directly overlooks the sea.

Alula see you resort

The resort consists of 42 spacious double rooms with the advantage of merging the rooms through the internal doors, and each room includes a bathroom and a number of services and facilities in addition to that the resort includes 4 very luxurious suites, each with two bedrooms, a dining trip, a salon and two water courses, all rooms overlook Directly on the hotel garden.

Aramas City Hotel

Madinah Aramas Hotel is a five-star hotel located in the western side of the central area that surrounds the Prophet’s Noble Mosque that extends on the Peace Road. The hotel consists of 10 floors in addition to the ground floor, and contains 280 luxurious rooms, in addition to 31 commercial stores, and accommodates the position Private cars number 59 parking.

Bakkah Arak Hotel

Bakkah Arak Hotel is a four-star hotel and is located in Ajyad Street in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, which is approximately 1.7 km from the Holy Mosque and consists of 14 floors and includes about 436 rooms in addition to the role of a restaurant and a chapel role and there are mezzanine countries and a ground floor dedicated to reception and shops, And the number of 3 cellars designated as a car park to accommodate about 116 parking spaces. The hotel was opened in 2013.

Al-Ola Events Hall Project

This hall is located in the city of Al-Ula and covers an area of ​​745 m 2, which is a multi-purpose event hall that can accommodate more than 400 people.

Al Khobar hotel see you

This project is located in Al-Khobar specifically on Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Street, which is crossed with King Faisal Road, and the area of ​​the land on which it is located is about 90 / 10,154 m 2, and the design phase of the hotel has now been completed, and construction is ongoing.

Jeddah Arak Hotel and Petani Hotel Suites

This project is located in the city of Jeddah specifically on the Andalus Road, which is located in the north of Tariq Bin Ziyad Square, and whose land area the project is implemented is about 43 / 8,759 m 2, and work is ongoing on the completion of design work for the project as five-star hotel units.

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