The city of Gaziantep or Gaziantep as the Turks call it is the sixth most important Turkish city away from the Turkish city of Aleppo about 96 km north, it is considered one of the very important industrial cities in Turkey that was annexed to Turkey under the Treaty of Ankara in 1920, after the rise of Turkey’s star in the past years in the business sector Tourism, the city, like other Turkish cities, began to attract tourists greatly, due to its very distinctive foods, such as the famous spicy kebabs, spicy pistachios, meat with dough, and pudding because of the tourist attraction with a very distinctive mountainous nature. A safari park was opened that was opened inside the Ghazi Zoo. Gaziantep Hayvanat Bahçesi repented in 2015.

On Turkish Children’s Day last year, that very attractive park was opened, the park is primarily for wild and wild animal lovers and forest world lovers, where animals are toured by buses that open the bishop and some are closed when passing on wild animals like lions. There are buses set up for children without fees. Of course, the park is not Dedicated to the child only, but it is for all lovers of excitement and fun, adults who love adventures, fun and excitement, very distinctive in the garden and the existence of practices for all ages The park contains about 300 types of pets and wild when opening after y For you, the number of animals has been developed for 3720, a number of bird cages, about 2950 domestic animals, and a number of monkeys, reptiles, crocodiles and amphibians, all in cages intended for the safety of visitors and tourists. A number of tourists and visitors to the park flock to the park. There is also a swimming pool that offers a display of dolphins in Winter only, there are also artificial ponds for ducks and geese, in the garden a veterinary hospital to supervise animals and protect visitors from animal infections, also there is an emergency clinic ..

Surrounded by trees, green areas, and mountainous areas of animals that the beautiful are keen to see: giraffes, elephants, lions, ostriches, tigers, deer, and animals are spread out freely like the open African forests, they are roaming in a large area of ​​150 acres, that park was established on an area of ​​1000 acres of Turkish lands, is the first of Type in the Middle East also for the safety of visitors. High buses are dedicated for visitors to enjoy the garden, the picturesque nature and the various animals and protect the visitors from animals.

The establishment of that park requires travel to Africa to know the style of building open parks and in order to provide the Turks with a go to tourism in South Africa, Turkey has brought together all types of tourism in one place which is Turkey, the number of visitors to the park has reached nearly one million visitors, the park opens its doors for visitors in the summer from nine o’clock Morning until 19 p.m., and is open in the winter from October to March from 17 to 19 entrance tickets for students 2.50 euros and non-students 5.00 euros, on Turkish holidays the garden offers discounts and gifts on entry tickets ..

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The place is dedicated to fans of adventure fun and excitement, in the garden a number of restaurants that offer very distinctive anabolic food, the most famous of which are absolutely kebabs, the desserts famous in the place like fried pistachios are very tasty, and the city also features a number of very beautiful restaurants that offer delicious types of hearty and delicious foods with landmarks A very distinctive heritage and tourism city for visitors. Do not miss it if you are a fan of safari and adventures, lovers of watching wild and wild animals, and spend a fun day inside the park and wandering among its beautiful corners especially for children and families who accompany children Do not forget to take a camera with you to pick up a number of wonderful photographs

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