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Manoosha Al Reef Restaurant

And this restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants located in the Khobar area, and it is a wonderful Lebanese restaurant that provides many services and distinctive foods, including various types of pizza, as well as fast and medium meals, and other suitable for vegetarians, in addition to providing other Asian meals, and Others follow the Middle East, as it is considered one of the highest rated restaurants in this region, and a restaurant is famous for providing breakfast, food and dinner, as well as snacks, in addition to that it provides delivery and dining services inside the restaurant, as well as take-away services With the provision of places suitable for family and children Big groups too.

Primavera Restaurant

It is a wonderful and very distinctive restaurant, and this restaurant is famous for various forms of seafood, as well as European and Middle Eastern foods, in addition to providing many foods that follow a number of international kitchens, while providing a dedicated menu of foods suitable for vegetarians, as well as Many options for gluten-free foods, in addition to that the restaurant provides breakfast, lunch and dinner meals as well as snacks, and while in the restaurant can enjoy takeaway services, as well as reservation services, buffet and seating areas, while providing parking Cars and parking services Cars, and there are wheelchairs and chairs for children inside the restaurant, and can be paid by Master Card and Visa, and it is also possible while you are in the restaurant to hold events, as a restaurant can receive large groups, children, families and others, and it is Open from half past six in the morning.

Madeleine French Bakery & Brasserie

And this restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants on the list as well, and it is a distinctive French restaurant, if you are a fan of French cuisine, do not forget to visit this place that serves the most delicious French meals in the various meals of the day, from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks Also, this is in addition to that the restaurant provides a wonderful café for drinks, and it provides many gluten-free foods, and others suitable for vegetarians, while providing takeaway services and places to sit, and providing places for families and children, and the restaurant is open all days The week starts from twelve o’clock in the morning until two o’clock T pm.

Cafe Chic Restaurant

And it is a distinctive restaurant that provides many international food, which follows the Middle East, as well as the restaurant also provides many foods suitable for vegetarians, and its varied vegetarian options, while providing various meals for food, dinner, breakfast and snacks, and also can be booked inside The restaurant, this is in addition to that it also provides parking, and places for entering wheelchairs, and there are places for families and children, meetings for work and large groups, and also provides romantic places for fans of this atmosphere.

French Bakery Restaurant

If you want to eat the most delicious French food, among breakfast, lunch or dinner, or you want to have a snack, which contains some sugars during the day, do not forget to go to this restaurant, that restaurant that provides seating services as well as roaming services With the provision of places designated for children and families.

Bateel Restaurant

It is a distinctive restaurant and a wonderful cafe at the same time, and the restaurant provides many distinct pieces, and wonderful desserts, and it also provides special menus for vegetarians, it allows many wonderful vegetarian food, while providing breakfast, food and dinner services, and Also the services provided by the restaurant are seating places, take away services, and wheelchair access, while providing places for children and families and the restaurant is open seven days a week.

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