The unique Cala Luna Beach stretches in the Gulf of Orosei, Italy, a strip of white sand and crystal water, this beautiful bay is preferred by rock climbers, and is supported by a lush valley surrounded by cliffs fortified in mysterious and beautiful caves.

This wonderful beach can be reached on foot or through quiet boat trips, it is located at the foot of the wonderful cliffs that include eight stunning caves that provide a trip to the imagination, and horseback riding can also go around the little lake of Oleander.
The beach includes many distinctive sites such as the stunning rock arco Lupiru, the stunning rocky Arco Lupiru, and the picturesque Cala Sisine area that can be reached through the sands of Cala Gononi, a beautiful sand and pebble beach overlooking a deep green valley that welcomes adventure and climbing enthusiasts.

After leaving the valley, the Cala Phuili Beach can be accessed through a wonderful rocky entrance, and from here tourists can walk through picturesque paths penetrating tall trees and carved rocks to reach the cliff tops and cliffs and enjoy the breathtaking views of Cala Luna Beach.

The archaeological Nuragi Manu Tower provides great views of coastal destinations, and can be reached via the rocky road in Cala Gononi, where you can see the entire coastal strip shaded with olive trees from the top of the tower dating back to 1600 BC, which contains many ancient monuments that indicate culture And the traditions of the people who lived in this bay.

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