Located in the south of the island, Victoria is a charming British Colombian city with a beautiful mountainous nature and is famous for its western coast that stretches for 75 kilometers and is known as West Trail Beach. It is surrounded by a vast rainforest that is a popular destination for adventure and camping lovers.
Close to Victoria, the Butchart Gardens, one of Vancouver’s most prominent islands, offer an opportunity to enter the peaceful nature atmosphere between colorful flowers and lush green trees, illuminated by a group of creative lights that change their colors with the change of seasons, and it also contains a large winter ski track.

The Canadian island of Vancouver is considered one of the largest islands on the Pacific coast in North America, and its glorious climate attracts tourists throughout the year, its colorful communities inhabited by its friendly and proud residents with its distinct differences and a varied region of terrain between high mountains, pure lakes and rain forests interspersed with groups of villages and small towns. .

The historic Fairmont Empress Hotel has a charming view of the beautiful Inner Port in Victoria. The hotel was built in 1908, and the hotel’s “High Tea” cafe has become one of the city’s most important landmarks, where visitors can have tea and sweets in a beautiful old room full of traditional royal furnishings .

Mount Washington is a distinctive family resort on the island, providing many terrain and ski tracks that descend over the snow-capped white snow in the winter, while in the summer visitors enjoy the amazing views of the Alps.

For those who love marine activities and water skiing, you will find in Tofino on the western side of the island a great refuge with its vibrant beaches, where there are hotels and small resorts that enjoy wonderful views of the ocean in addition to the shops and fine restaurants spread along the coast.

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