One of the most important mountains where you can go climbing is the Kilimanjaro Mountains, which is one of the important mountains in Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro Mountains

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain peak found in Tanzania, as it is the highest mountain peak found in the continent of Africa in general, and the height of Mount Kilimanjaro is 5.895 meters, and Mount Kilimanjaro is known in the coastal language as the Devil’s Cold Mountain, a name that stems from the nature of the mountain in a large way As Mount Kilimanjaro is covered by snow in a large way, especially the mountain peak known as Kibo, as well as the mountain peak Mawincei and Shira, all of these peaks that are covered with snow in a large way.

The most important information about Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the mountains that is known to be a great challenge to climb, so Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the mountains that the strong-hearted people must climb, and there are many young people who tried to climb the mountains of Kilimanjaro but failed and could not climb.
You should also know that the Kilimanjaro Mountains must be rooted from within the person as he does not need prior training, you just have to be of great physical fitness, it is one of the most important opportunities that make you climb properly, but if you are interested in climbing, especially to the Kilimanjaro Mountains, you must Follow some instructions and today we will mention the most important.

Tips to climb Kilimanjaro

1_ Climbing with experienced guide

The guide is one of the most important things when deciding to climb, and in Tanzania there are about 300 tourist companies that offer a lot of climbing trips in the Kilimanjaro Mountains, and before going there you have to choose a company from those companies, and you must find a highly experienced company. And low cost, as there is one of those companies that is distinguished by providing all the equipment required by the customer, because the company provides the best service to its employees and pays a lot of salaries to them so they provide the best services to visitors, the company is known as intrepid.

2_ You have to take a lot of time

During climbing, you should not hurry and climb faster. Also, you should know that during climbing you can feel some fatigue and illness and this is one of the natural things that you can feel during climbing, and you can overcome the way of tiredness by climbing slowly until you exceed That feeling, and you should not pressure yourself until you join the comrades and tell the guide who ascends with you that you need to climb more slowly, the guide helps you a lot in setting a specific schedule for you to be able to climb.

3_ taking the most sleep

Most of the companies that do the climbing process provide you with a strap that can rest and sleep for a period of time, and you can also find some tents or huts that you can enter and take and a great time to sleep, as it is one of the comfortable things with that hard suit, but you have to Knowing that sleeping inside these tents is very cold, and you can order a bottle of warm water from your guide to put it while you sleep next door, because sleeping warmly makes you able to continue climbing well.

4_ light luggage

You should take care to take some light luggage that does not tire you while climbing, and companies that specialize in the climbing process provide you with porters who carry these things about you, but there are some important things that you have to carry which are water, food and other important things that you always need while climbing, but when Take the decision to climb the Kilimanjaro Mountains. You have to choose the luggage that you need only during the trip and do not take things that are useless. For example, you can take an ancestral stick or a camera and a battery for them, and with the first day of climbing you may want to throw all of these things to reduce your luggage. .

5_ eat enough

When you climb up and the climbing process you can feel that your appetite has been lost, but that feeling is very natural, when you climb on the Kilimanjaro Mountains you feel very tired and tired, and that you are moving away from the ground a great distance, but you have to face that feeling and take enough food And the food that will benefit the body during the climb on the mountain, because the body during the climb requires the necessary energy in order to be able to climb and reach the top of the mountain Kilimanjaro.

6_ taking enough fluids

If you feel thirsty, you should drink immediately, but if you do not feel thirsty while climbing, you must also face that feeling and drink 3 to 4 liters of water per day until the body is hydrated and given the necessary energy.

7_ Not grumbling too much

You must control yourself during the climbing process and not be upset and talk a lot about fatigue during the climbing trip that you take, because these negative feelings can be transmitted from you to the rest of the comrades who are with you on the trip, so you have to recover and only say your feeling to your guide until he rises By giving you some advice.

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