Sports enthusiasts, enthusiasts and explorers can find lots of fun things to do in or around Lake Zurich, whether it is water sports, relaxing on the green lake shore, regional cuisine, family activities or festivals full of great lake views, the surrounding area The lake fascinates visitors of all ages, and in summer Lake Zurich is a popular destination for excursions, and here you can shower, sail or enjoy a picnic in a secluded place like the small island Lützelau, in addition there are countless opportunities to try new sports, such as For kayaking, standing, surfing or water skiing.
Also in winter, there is a lot of fun in the lake, and ice skating enthusiasts can show their snowboarding skills in the Küsnacht and Wädenswil ice rink right next to the lake shore, in theory it is possible to ski on the lake itself, although From being totally frozen and last time it was in the winter of 1963, many restaurants with beautiful views of the lake offer their guests to the regional and seasonal specialties, and it goes without saying that the highly loved fish dish, which is cutting fresh fish fried directly from the lake is a must.

Lake Zurich history

Whereas in the past the lake was a means of transportation and transportation, today it is a popular place for excursions, homes are searched along its shores, gently rocking waves, peace, quiet, relaxation and good food, and the best way to discover the Lake Zurich region is to take a boat trip, serving most of Places around the beach, regular boat service throughout the year, and undisputed favorites with the public are historical ships taking an early morning sailing to sunset cruise. All kinds of private excursions are available, and music and excursions on holidays are drawing Its part of the program provided by the “Lake Zurich” shipping company.

Geography of Lake Zurich

The famous “Golden Coast” stretches along the northern side of the lake, from Zollikon to Feldmeilen, and this area full of sun is known for its low tax rates and high prices, thus it is the coast extension where you can see wonderful homes and villas in the upper levels of society, and at the eastern end of the lake there are The “City of Roses” in Rappersville, and in public parks here you will find more than 15,000 pink shrubs that bloom, among more than 600 different varieties, and make the lake promenade with its Mediterranean charm, the picturesque old town and the medieval castle of this coastal city a popular place For excursions, and for young visitors the Knez Zoo tops their wish list, and popular places to visit around Lake Zurich include the many swimming areas Alpamare, Europe’s largest covered water park, a wooden pedestrian bridge across other lakes, the Baroque Church in Lachen, the famous chocolate factory, and of course The dynamic city of Zurich with all its many attractions, the famous shopping tendency and a wide range of cultural facilities.

Lake Zurich information

Lake Zurich consists of the Linth River, which rises in the glaciers of the Alps in Glarus and was converted by the Escher Canal (completed in 1811) to Lake Wallin where its water is transported to the eastern end of Lake Zurich via the Linth Canal (completed in 1816), and water flows Lake Zurich from the lake at the northwestern end, passing through the city of Zurich, and the point that reached its climax in the lake drainage basin is to catch an altitude of 3614 meters above sea level. The lake holds a railway line, and the eastern part of the lake is known as b Cm “Aobrices” German as the “upper lake”, located west of the dam in the islands of Otzelao and Oovinao small, where he took refuge Ulrich von HTN in 1523 and died both beaches are well planted and fertile.

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