Georgia important coordinates for some of the most popular locations in Georgia

The coordinates of the most important tourist cities in Georgia are the city of Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi and Mkhkita, and the most important places and famous tourist attractions in Georgia that you can reach through the Google Map maps found in the topic by clicking on the links that will take you to the tourist place you want to go to.

Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi

41.6984411, 44.8161730

National Botanical Garden, Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia coordinates
41.6851681, 44.8032595

Tbilisi Funicular Station

41.6957292, 44.7889080

Cafe Sapore Café in Tbilisi

41.7107839, 44.7966891

Rike Park

444 41 41.567 E 044 48.44

Narikala mountain and castle in Tbilisi

N 41 41.280 E 044 48.276

Turtle Lake, Tbilisi, Turkey

N 41 42.098 E 044 45.262

Mtatsminda Park

N 41 41.620 E 044 47.180

Rustaveli Avenue

It is one of the most important streets in Tbilisi
N 41 42.094 E 044 47.684

Tbilisi Mall

One of the best and most important malls in the capital, Tbilisi
N 41 48.909 E 044 46.328

Tbilisi Zoo

41.7132583, 44.7775522

Statue of the mother of the Georgians

41.6876566, 44.8069152

Georgian Art Museum in Tbilisi

41.6950523, 44.8019256

Open Ethnography Museum, Tbilisi

41.704638, 44.744010

Mitrala Park

41.661907, 41.878602

Batumi Botanical Garden

41.6953202, 41.7064673

Makhun City Waterfalls in Batumi

41.575259, 41.857998

May 6 Park in Batumi

41.652599, 41.627531

Europe Square in Batumi

41.656548, 41.636695

I hope you Cable Car in Batumi

41.625346, 41.655977

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