The continent of Europe or the “old continent” as it is called is one of the most famous destinations of global tourism because of its unique diversity in tourist cities, climatic conditions and archaeological monuments. Convenience in the tourism program, both in terms of the development of transportation and modern means of communication in addition to the high levels of safety that tourists have in comparison to other tourist destinations. In this topic we offer the most beautiful European tourist cities that are outside the traditional itinerary that includes European capitals and Major cities: –

The city of Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

When you visit the Swiss city “Stein am Rhein”, you will feel that you are in an art gallery, not a real city! A beautiful aesthetic view. The tourist can take many pictures in different places within the city, but we recommend you to visit the Hohenklingen Castle, which dates back to the year 1225 AD and is considered the highest point in the city.

Acros de la Frontera, Spain

“Arcos de la Frontera” or the white city if you wish to call it represents a unique case for those looking for a place to relax and unwind away from the noise of major tourist cities. The entire Spanish city is located on a high mountain hill and embraces the houses up and down On the mountain slope in the form of a distinct cluster in a white color that breathes calm and reassurance. The small town is not without some monuments and historical buildings such as the castle that occupies the top of the hill and dates back to the eleventh century AD.

Locronan, France

If you are a fan of isolated ancient cities, you should visit the city “Locronan”, which is a city with stone houses and palaces of the wealthy of the past ages. The city has many monuments, museums, local handicraft galleries, and restaurants serving seafood.

Marvo, Portugal

Lovers of cities with a controversial history can visit the city of “Marvão” on the border between Portugal and Spain, which is historically considered one of the fortified border points. The high walls surround the city from all sides and can only be accessed from one crossing. The city includes many military and historical buildings such as forts and castles that overlook high places on narrow streets and white houses.

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