Georgia Tbilisi guide and the most beautiful tourist places there, the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, receives great global and national interest because of the richness of its location, nature, and the religious, cultural and demographic diversity contained therein. This is in addition to that it includes the most prominent tourist destinations in Georgia completely, and in our following article on Arab travelers we learn about the most beautiful tourist places in Georgia, Tbilisi.

Georgia Tbilisi Guide

  • Tbilisi is located in eastern Georgia, on both banks of the Middle East River, and its height ranges from 380 to 770 above sea level.
  • From the north it is bounded by the Saguramo group, to the east and southeast by the Urui Plain, and to the south and west it is bounded by the Trialet group.
  • Tbilisi has a tropical climate; its summers are very hot, and winters are mild. Also, the heavy rain falls in it throughout the year.
  • Symptoms vary in Tbilisi, and we find that 89% are ethnic Georgians, as well as Armenians, Russians, Ukrainians, Assyrians, Azerbaijanis, Greeks, and others.
  • Tbilisi was known for religious tolerance, which appeared in the old city building and mosque building next to the church. We also find that the percentage of Muslims in Tbilisi is 8%, despite the domination of the Christian faith by more than 90%, and there is also a minority of Jews.

Georgia Tbilisi Tourism

  • Despite the geography of the complex Georgian capital, which negatively affects it, creates many pockets, and leaves a great deal of terrain without civilized development, it still enjoys the tourist importance of Georgia’s tourists.
  • Tbilisi contains the distinctive architecture that has been centuries old, to bear witness to ages immortalized by modern classical buildings. Also, some of its streets contain contemporary European architecture.
  • There is also a variety of means of transportation in Tbilisi. Although many tram stations are closed, the country intends to build modern tram stops. There is also a minibus, which serves rural areas, and excursions outside the city, is the most common transportation there.
  • The Tbilisi Expressway, which serves two lines, is Khtilly-Fractile and the Saportalu Line. Also, trains start operating from six in the morning until midnight, and there is a municipal bus, and there are air trams. And Tbilisi, the only airport is Lota Rustaveli Tbilisi Airport.
  • The number of hotels in the capital, Tbilisi, exceeds 1,800, and it ranges from modest rental hotels to luxury hotels. In addition to the diversity of architecture in hotels, between the attractive classic and elegant contemporary.
  • Tbilisi has a great sporting diversity, a wide spread of stadiums and clubs, and archery is the most popular among sports.
  • Nightclubs and cafes are also common. There are also important historical tourist attractions such as: the Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi Opera, Marjanashvili Theater and Rustaveli State Academic Academy, Vorontsov Palace or Children’s Palace, Freedom Square, Narcala Castle, Peace Bridge and Anchisei Cathedral.

Shopping in Tbilisi

  • Tbilisi has a great diversity of shopping, and this variety offers many of the goods that the townspeople or tourists need.
  • Tbilisi has a “Cha Cha Corner” market that displays souvenirs and specialty goods. There is also the Dry Bridge Market, which displays antiques and special gifts, and there is also Tbilisi Mall, which displays various products, supplies and furnishings from the latest brands.
  • Also, there is the East Point Mall, which is famous for its shoe brands with international brands, and there is also a flea market, which contains goods, antiques and old jewelry pieces. In addition to the Bazaar Square, which is spread by handicrafts.
  • Among the streets that are known to be for tourists for shopping purposes are Chardinini Street and Rustaveli Street, there you will find souvenirs and various handicrafts.
  • You will also find the Grato Corridor, which consists of 8 floors, with shops, restaurants, and cafes. The corridor and the orchestra are associated with a glass corridor.
  • There is also a Caucasian Carpet Gallery, Badaji Store and Gallery 27.
  • It remains to be remembered that the Georgian lari coin is distinguished by its cheapness, and that you can count on it for every matter of Tbilisi, from staying to taking a stroll at night.

A traveler to Tbilisi has always enjoyed a unique taste. It is the country of recreation, quiet and simple tourism, in addition to its enjoyment of many hobbies and arts that the Georgian capital provides them with squares, it displays art paintings, displays various handicrafts, and also displays various sports and arts.

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