One of the most beautiful tourist parks in Bandung for tourism, which is an important tourist attraction in the history of Indonesia, where every big and small flock to visit it and this park is called the Ganeca Park, and this park is the park that is full of many tourist attractions Various it combines a lot of green, wide and picturesque landscapes that spread on its land and this garden has been built and designed in the northern region of Bandung state, which is characterized by the presence of a private commercial center for the sale of the main electronics in Bandung, which is directly in front of the park It is also worth noting that Janika Park is one of the most important parks in Bandung state as it is the best tourist park in Bandung which the state is famous for and flocks and flocks of many tourists and visitors, and it is also worth noting that this park allows For tourists and visitors an opportunity to get to know the distinctive green nature and enjoy the scenic landscapes around it, which distinguish this wonderful garden ,,

It is also worth noting that this Janica Garden may allow the tourist to learn many of the secrets of nature and meet many different types of natural plants, as this garden contains many different tropical trees as it also contains a group of green and picturesque plants in addition to To a group of picturesque natural flowers that add beauty and luster to the garden, while at the heart of the garden is Janica Park where there is a fountain in the form of a giant flower that is filled with a pool of water from each side, and there is also in the heart of this garden a platform in the form of a circle Which the tourist can Through which you can enjoy the most picturesque natural scenery that includes the vast green areas that the park includes Janica Park in addition to the distinctive and picturesque view, which is the view of the enchanting mountain range of Mangling Mountains and the distinctive Timbumas Mountain and the magnificent Mount Gaya from the interior of it, as the design of this The park has come on the mountainous nature that is characterized by the enchanting tourist state of Bandung, where this park is surrounded by the Janika Park, the different types of mountains that exist in Bandung State and distinguish it.

It is also worth noting that this garden is Janika Park characterized by being one of the most important attractions in Bandung state, which is visited by tourists from everywhere in Indonesia and in the southeast region of Asia as a whole, especially tourists coming from the sisterly state of India, because this is The garden has been called by that name Janika Garden because this name is inspired by the name of an ancient deity that was worshiped by the inhabitants of the state of Indonesia and the country of India in ancient times and it is also worth noting that this park is Janica Park has been built a large and huge statue which has been designed In the form of an elephant, but represented in the body A human being who takes the sitting position of a person and is distinguished by its picturesque pink color mixed with golden color and distinguished by having four arms and legs and sitting like what the great king sits and that is considered the statue that represents the old idol and that takes the name of the statue and the name of the garden Which is called Janica, and it is also worth noting that this statue is found and widely spread throughout the countries of the Asian continent of various types, sizes, colors and shapes, as it is found in abundance in the state of India as it is found in the state of Thailand and in the state of Indonesia It is also worth noting that a garden has been designed with the same wall Janika Garden has been designed in the Indonesian style and dominated by the distinctive Indonesian character, as it has various types of idolized statues for it and this garden is located in the middle of Europe where it is considered another park simulating the gardens of the ancient country of Indonesia, which is characterized by its picturesque and original nature and That still maintains its distinct purity.

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