Turkey is one of the most distinguished tourist destinations, not only because of its rich effects and heritage places that surround it from everywhere with all of that. God Almighty has loved Turkey with a number of parks and picturesque natural places and many public parks inside Istanbul, Bursa, princesses, Ankara and other provinces of Turkey is almost empty place There are only natural and picturesque places in it that blend greenery and flowers with the blue of the sea and its serenity. One of the most famous flowers in Turkey is Tulip, it is of the genus Tulip, which has about 100 types of flowers are of different shapes, colors and sizes. Prayers in Europe, the Maghreb, Asia, Anatolia, and eastern northern China. The length varies according to type. They enjoy their freshness for a long time. The flowers enjoy extreme elegance and beauty. Date of planting is late summer and early autumn. They bloom in spring. They grow in temperate cold areas where tulips endure cold cold tulips from perennial flowers because it lives more than two years. Tulips are grown from onions. They are onion-like granules in the form. Some prefer planting tulips at home. The most famous kind of this tulip is in Turkey. Tulipa agenensis. Foreign tulips because of its great importance in Turkey, has been allocated a special garden for him to grow and enjoy me

There are many types of tulips not only pleural tulips, which is grown mainly in Turkey and Cyprus, the tulips are spread in bright colors in many parks in Istanbul, but the most beautiful, densest and most wonderful presence in Emirgan Parkı is close to the Besiktas area of ​​Istinye Park Park directly overlooking the area The Bosphorus can be seen inside the park The suspension bridge is the Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge that connects the continent of Asia and Europe is one of the heritage gardens, it was called in the Byzantine era the cypress forest where it was covered with cypress trees at the beginning of the seventeenth century it was among the Ottoman gardens, and for In the beginning of the nineteenth century, Khedive Ismail Pasha Khedive of Egypt and Sudan 1871-1878 owned it, and he built three wooden wings inside the garden that are still present to this day called the yellow wing, the pink wing, and the white wing. Tourists flock from everywhere to see the creative garden, the ownership of the park was transferred after This came to the Greater Istanbul Municipality in 1940.

The park occupies an entire area of ​​117 acres, is fully famous for the cultivation of tulips in all colors, shapes and sizes, characterized by its amazing view. Since 2005 the beginning of the opening of the garden tulip festival, the festival is held annually in April April.

Emirjan Garden is one of the largest public parks in Istanbul, where cliffs and hills are spread in the park. Geese and squirrels are endemic to the park, as there are plants other than tulips and a number of rare trees that are spread on the branches of birds with stunning colors. There are pigeons, crows, parrots and all the different sounds. The garden is adorned with a number of Artificial ponds and waterfalls in which ducks and geese swim in. There are two beautiful porcelain pools, artificial fountains and tables in the garden. Worshiped public baths and restaurants and cafes that smells of grilled kebabs on the way Turkish coal for the convenience of visitors beside the stalls selling tulips and berry agriculture is the most important characteristic places to buy tulips ..

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