With the holiday season approaching, it is time to seriously prepare for the upcoming tourist trip that brings family and friends together for recreation, rest and exploration in a wonderful atmosphere. For the best, perfect and flawless journey, we offer you a set of golden tips for Summer 2020.

Light packing makes it all easier! You do not really need a lot of clothes and shoes during your trip, be satisfied with what is light and necessary and rest to wear it, and thus you will not carry many things as you will not forget those things when you return, if you are confused if you will bring a piece with you or not, do not bring it. We must always remember that even if we forget something, the possibility of buying it from abroad is always available.

One of the packing tips is also why not assemble all the chargers and cables in one box to keep them together, so you will not forget where you put them.

Pre-arranging transportation between the airport and the hotel and vice versa is also preferred, in addition to knowing the conditions of the hotel in terms of receiving room and departure times and the ages of accompanying children. It is necessary to pre-arrange a number of documents, such as an international driving license, and inform your bank of travel in the event of using credit cards.

Although the idea of ​​giving up technology during travel may seem interesting, we should not forget the importance of taking pictures during the trip to commemorate this anniversary. Pictures can save important moments as they can be shared at a later time, and be sure you will regret not taking too many pictures!

On the other hand, there is no doubt that food is an important part of the trip to any country and reveals the country’s culture and traditions, so make sure to try what is new and different and do not be afraid of that. You can ask locals about their suggestions for good restaurants to get the best experience.

To face the summer heat that can confront you if you choose a hot destination, we advise you to wear light clothing and apply a high-quality sun protection cream, while drinking plenty of fluids, especially water.

And if you are planning outdoor activity during the summer months, it is best to go out early in the morning before seven in the morning until you have two hours of outdoor fun before the sun reaches its highest levels around 10 am, and don’t forget to wear clothes and shoes Comfortable.

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Travel tips for this summer

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