People used to wait for their summer or winter vacations to go out on a family trip, but things are not the same as in the past. Due to the increasing number of vacation destinations in recent years, in addition to the competing offers to offer the best prices in the best places, people prefer short trips compared to long vacations.
Although many adults embark on wild trips, they excite the boredom of children, unless they involve an entertaining activity for them. However, what if there is a place in which there are advantages that satisfy both parties? A quiet walk for adults, fun games and activities for the little ones!
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Green Mubazzarra – Introduction

The Mubazzarah is located at the foot of Jebel Hafeet near the city of Al Ain, and its accessibility is easy, and it is surprising that it is not very known to those outside the city of Al Ain, whose residents accept it in large numbers on Thursday and Friday. Al Mubazzarah is an hour and a half drive from Dubai. Its many advantages include industrial schedules for natural hot sulfur hot springs, pools and a Jacuzzi, while Jebel Hafeet stands tall behind the shrine.
All of these features make Mubazzarah Al Akhdar an ideal destination to spend enjoyable times with family or friends on weekends, whether in chalets for rent or even camping in the designated areas. So what is needed for the weekend more than barbecues, children’s play areas and picnics in the picturesque nature surrounding Jebel Hafeet?

Green Mubazzarah – Distance from other cities

  • From Dubai – 152.5 km (approximately two hours drive)
  • From Abu Dhabi – 135 km (approximately 1 hour and 39 minutes by car)

From Fujairah – 237.3 km (approximately 2 hours and 56 minutes by car)

Green Mubazzarra – activities and attractions

Here are some of the many activities you can do in Mubzarrah Al Akhdar:

  • Visiting the eyes of natural hot sulfur water – regardless of your age or health condition, the sulfur water experience is a therapeutic measure in itself. In addition to being a treatment that is recommended for those suffering from rheumatism and other bone and joint diseases.
  • Outdoor picnics – Green Mubazzarra is an ideal park for families arriving in large numbers, particularly between December and mid-March. However, if you do not like gatherings and the noise of children around you, avoid them during summer vacations.
  • Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Mosque – one of the most beautiful landmarks in Mubzarat Al-Khadra This mosque was built in 2013 and has a capacity of 550 worshipers.
  • • Big Garden – Children will be thrilled with the 160 hectare park, where they can use their space to play freely. Adults can also do various activities there such as camel and horse riding, cycling and walking. Also in the area are a group of hotels and restaurants and a small pool, which increases the attraction of the place.
  • Barbeques and camping – In the garden there are also barbecues, tents and chalets.
  • Hotels near Green Mubazzarra

    Green Mubazzarah allows you to stay in a chalet or camp, but if you intend to stay for a longer period, there are several hotels very close to Mubazzarah, which will guarantee you comfort during your visit to Al Ain:

    • Green Mubazzarah Chalets (0.9 km)
    • Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet (3.9 km)
    • Ain Al Faida One To One Hotel And Resort (4.1 km)
    • Ela Bawadi Hotel (8.5 km)
    • Hilton Al Ain (11.7 km)

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