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Guelma city

The city of Guelma is considered an Algerian city, it is considered the capital of the municipality of Guelma located in the northeast of the country in the middle of a huge green mountain range specifically. Five hundred and thirty-seven kilometers, and the coastal region of Annaba, Constantine and Souk Ahras are among the most important cities nearby.

This city is distinguished by its industrial, agricultural, and pastoral nature, as well as the forest, which gives it an economic and strategic location between the cities of Algeria, and the state has a group of tourism qualifications that need care and development, as Qalama is considered a strategic region because of its presence on the fertile banks of the Cebus Valley.

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Guelma connects internally to the north-eastern part of Algeria and is bordered to the north by each of the states of El Taref, such as Annaba and Skikda, as it is bordered on the eastern side by the Ahras market, and from the west by Constantine and from the south by the city of Umm El Bouaghi. Surrounded by fences.

The most characteristic of the city of Guelma is its topography and nature, in addition to its wealth of many archaeological monuments, which number approximately five hundred sites and landmarks, many of which date back to the ancient Romen era, especially the Romen theater located in the city center, as it is characterized by containing many bathrooms such as Tanning bath and noble bath.

Tourist areas in the city of Guelma

  • A group of caves known as the caves of Jabal Tayeh Bouhamdan.
  • The Romen pool, Heliopolis
  • The remains of a group of Romen baths.
  • A group of stone positions and cemetery caves in the north of Hammam Al-Maskhoutin.

Cultural activity in Guelma

Guelma is distinguished by some cultural activities, perhaps the most prominent of which is music, plastic art, and theater. This city recorded its presence in many valuable demonstrations and festivals at the national level, and the most important movements and cultural associations in the city:

  • The current National Music Festival
  • Malacca Association for Modern Music.
  • Badr brigade and the Association of Bluebell Wedding Malouf.

The city of Guelma in relation to the state

The city of Guelma is one of the oldest Algerian cities ever, because it contains a large group of historical monuments, as it is considered one of the largest Algerian cities, and perhaps the most distinctive feature is that it contains a group of giant factories such as the phosphate complex, which is the largest compound found in the countries of Morocco Arab and North Africa, in addition to containing mines and railways.

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