Historic monuments of the kingdom of death attended

There has been a trace of the ancient heritage of a civilization that attended death. Scientists found the remains of a wall that was built to protect death death. The main reason for building this wall was the kingdom from attacks that came from the south for the purpose of completely demolishing the kingdom. The height of this wall was about 7 meters and it was This wall mediates a gate in order to allow the city’s residents to exit and enter, but so far, the monuments of the Kingdom of Hadramawt have been found.

Historical museums

the National Museum

The National Museum consists of three floors and the area of ​​each floor is very large. This museum is located in the city of Mukalla.

Mukalla Museum

This museum was established in the year 1994 AD, and inside this museum there are all relics related to the kingdom of death in the past and also the relics related to the rulers of the kingdom of death attended, this palace is currently present in the Sultan’s Palace.

Seiyun Museum

This museum is very famous in the Seiyun area and inside this palace there are many monuments of the Sultan of many, and the museum displays the relics collected from the valley or that have been excavated in Ripon, and the museum has halls dedicated to important documents.

Medical tourism in the presence of death

There are many tourist areas in the presence of death, especially medical tourism, where there are a large number of hot water baths, which are water that helps to treat skin diseases and reduce bone pain. Examples of these baths are an updated eye bath, a bath dress, a bath room, a specific bath Well, a bath of Subeer, a bathroom in Hamyan and others, and there are also eyes with mineral water that also helps in treating diseases, especially those suffering from rheumatic pain and many other diseases.

The most important beaches in the presence of death

The city of Hadramawt is located in the south of the Arabian Sea, which distinguishes it with the most beautiful views and the most beautiful picturesque beaches.

Sharma Beach

This beach is considered one of the most important beaches in Hadramawt city and there are several other beaches inside this beach because of its large area such as sandy beach, tribute and Gaza.

Qalansia Beach

This beach is located in the heart of the city of Qalansia, which owns several beaches, and this beach is not only, but it is one of the most important beaches there.

Beach protector

This beach owns a lot of beautiful landscapes, and this beach is located the Arabian Sea and also in its east is the city of Al-Shihr.

Socotra Island beaches

These beaches are distinct from others, as they possess white sands similar to the cotton crop, and they also find stunning landscapes, trees and palms to shade in the presence of sunlight.

The most important historical figures of the city attended death

Sheikh Ibn Khaldun is considered one of the most important historical figures, as he was very influential in his era and to this time. Also, Ibn Qais Al-Kindi is considered one of the most important fighters in the Islamic era, where he made many important conquests of Islam.

The most important cities attended death

The city of Mukalla

This city is located on the Arabian Sea, so it has the most important seaports and the most important tourist beaches, and there is also the National Museum and the Mukalla Museum, which is considered the capital of the city of death.

Shibam city

This city is characterized by the abundance of mountains and deserts, as there is the most important global landmark and it is the most important skyscraper, but it is not normal, it is built of clay.

Trim City

It is one of the bad cities with Islamic heritage, as it is also called the capital of Islamic culture, due to its great Islamic heritage and very important and ancient Islamic books.
Also, the city of Hadramawt is famous for some important foods around the world, such as Manda and Madhbi, and it is also famous in the world for producing the right mountain honey, which is considered one of the most important and famous types of honey always required in global markets, especially European.

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