As a complement to those wonderful tourism activities that the government of the United Arab Emirates has worked to provide, many wonderful tourist places have been established, and among the most important of these places are many tourist resorts, recreational places, and public parks, and among the most important of these public parks, for example, Dubai Safari Park, Butterfly Garden and many more Among the parks and other parks as well as a number of wonderful tourist resorts that provide the best services to all visitors, and on top of these wonderful resorts, the island of happiness, Abu Dhabi.

Advantages of Happiness Island Resort, Abu Dhabi

The Happiness Island Resort Abu Dhabi is one of the most recent tourist resorts that have been newly established in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The island includes many great ways and entertainment.

Calm and charming nature

  • The island is one of the most important tourist destinations for visitors.
  • The island is characterized by calm, beauty and splendor as it is one of the best places through which you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature as the island directly overlooks all of its villas and chalets on the beach as well as the vast green areas.

High end residential places

  • The island is equipped with upscale villas for housing as well as restrooms equipped at the highest level for visitors, and this is besides that one of the most important places for housing is villas known as the happiness house. And an additional bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Recreational places

  • The island includes a number of swimming pools that are suitable for adults and children, in addition to providing a number of water games, in addition to that the island overlooks the shore of the Arabian Gulf with its clear waters in an attractive panoramic shape.
  • Carrot Island Abu Dhabi provides one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world that serves delicious international meals throughout the day as well as providing the best drinks during the day.
  • All this, in addition to the place designated for children, which makes the island ready to receive families for enjoyment and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city and fast life.

Sports and swimming pools

  • One of the resort’s swimming pools is equipped with a waterfall, which increases the feeling of relaxation and pleasure.
  • The product includes a health club, where you can enjoy your misguided sport, and one of these sports is yoga, which you can do on the beach, which makes you feel the utmost pleasure, relaxation and happiness.
  • You can rent a villa in the resort for a period starting from one day up to a year as per your desire.
  • A restaurant has been opened on the beach offering the most beautiful meals and through it you can enjoy dining or drinks in front of the sea and in the open air.

The place is awesome

  • The decorative style that the place depended on tends to be simplicity and sophistication in that one which helps you feel sophistication and beauty without exaggeration or exaggeration.
  • Simply, the place is a paradise on the earth, a place that brings happiness to those who live in it, as it is shown by name. Something around you all this, besides that the resort works to provide many offers continuously so that it can bring happiness to the largest number of visitors.

Villa rental price

As for the price of renting a villa on Happiness Island, it starts from 300,000 UAE dirhams annually and the price varies depending on the location of the villa as well as a wonderful number of offers on an ongoing basis and is 10 minutes away from the British club by boat.

Happiness Island Abu Dhabi video

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