Hawaiian Islands

The US state of Hawaii represents a group of 132 islands located in the North Pacific Ocean. The islands occupy an area of ​​16,758 square kilometers, of which 16,641 square kilometers of land and 117 square kilometers of water. The largest island is Hawaii, which is known locally as the Big Island, and is the most popular among the islands, followed by the island of Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Lanae, and Niue. These islands were formed by a series of volcanic eruptions.

Tourist and natural areas of the Hawaiian Islands

There are many islands in Hawaii that are important attractions and tourists can practice many activities, including:

  • Oahu Island: One of the most popular attractions in Hawaii, where the visitor can engage in many activities, such as diving among the coral reefs in Hanuma Bay, walking on the beaches Waikiki and Wimanalo and many others.
  • Big Island: Among the most naturally diverse islands, it has beaches, waterfalls, fiery volcanoes in the Hawaiian Vulcano National Park, highlands like the Waipio Lookout Valley and many others.
  • Maui Island: From the picturesque islands that contain many important sites such as lavender farms, art galleries, markets and many others, surfing and snorkelling can be practiced in the crater of Molokini Volcano.
  • Kauai: The island contains many distinctive sites such as the coast of Naples, the Cave of Wengergrotto, the Waima Valley Park and many others.
  • Molokawi: Molukawe Island has many scenic spots like the Halawe Valley, the historic Kalubaba area, Lanai Island and other scenic spots.

Some of the things to do in Hawaii

There are many activities that can be done in Hawaii, including:

  • Beaches visit: Beaches in Hawaii are distinguished by coconut trees, golden sand, and calm waters. These include Langkay Beach, Hanalei Bay Beach, Mako Beach, and Hulubo Beach. Swimming is possible at Waikiki Beach, windsurfing at Piahago’s Beach, canoeing at Manuwala Beach and snorkelling at Maui Noi Beach.
  • Adventure sports: Like hopping on cliffs, traversing lakes through ropes and many more.
  • Visiting museums: Hawaii has many museums, the Aviation Museum Serum, the Pacific Tsunami Museum, the Bishop Museum and the Honolulu Museum of Art among others.

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