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Picturesque Phuket Gardens

Phuket Gardens are characterized by many charming and attractive exotic plants and rare animals. If you love rare things, you should go to Phuket, Phuket Island differs from the rest of the islands where there is a waterfall of warm water that the bright sun rays warm, and the waterfall is surrounded by flowers, plants and high green trees. Different.

Phuket International Forest

The Phuket International Forest is located in the north of Phuket Island, on its side there is a large waterfall of water, and this forest is characterized by its large area where you can take a long and quiet walk inside this wonderful forest for great distances to find comfort and calm with your vision of the life of animals and hearing their voices as they live in that forest Naturally, it helps them cope with the visitors, when you visit Phuket Forest you will feel that the nature in Phuket differs from others in terms of calm and comfort.

Khao Rang Hill Park

We also found that there are gardens dedicated to enjoying the beauty of nature in Phuket, then we will also find gardens dedicated to doing sports, and that park is called “Khao Rang Hill Range Hill” and that park is located on top of “Khawran Mountain”, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is the presence of shade throughout the day because of the presence of trees The high that surrounds it, and on the high top there is a hill in the garden in pure bronze statue of the first ruler to rule Phuket.

Loma Long Park

Loma Park stretches along the beach of Phuket Island, and is characterized by its calm atmosphere where shades are prevalent from all sides, making you relax comfortably when you sit in the park and feel the beauty of nature in Phuket.

Savan Hin Park

The park is located on the side road of Phuket Island. The park has a playground dedicated to entertainment and exercise. It also has a long curved promenade and a privileged location to conduct a tourist entertainment exhibition and festivals throughout the year. Special matches are held every Friday with boxing, which is called Thai kickboxing.

Attractive Similan Islands

The Similan Islands are considered the attractive façade inside Phuket Island, it is one of the natural divine tableaux created by God fascinates eyes with its beauty, Similan Islands are characterized by yellow sand, clear blue waters, rocks surrounding the sea on each side and their clear skies, coral reefs, plants and fish found at the bottom. And large tourist capital for Phuket Island in particular and Thailand in general, due to the ravings of tourists from all countries.

Siri Nat Premium Park:

Siri Nat Park has an area of ​​about 90 square kilometers and is located to the west of Phuket Island Airport, the park as a whole includes a group of beaches, including Nai Yang Beach and Nai Thon Beach, Mai Khao Beach. , The park contains many swamps and has a northern entrance near the bridge called “Vang Naga”.

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