The Funz Club (formerly known as Canggu Club) is a world-class sports and leisure complex in Bali, located within the Canggu Migrant Community Area on the island. It covers an area of ​​3.54 hectares, and includes many different facilities on site, including a water park, a world-class fitness center, a tenpin bowling hall, a tennis center, a children’s club, and a spa, the island’s largest acrobatic center not only for children, In addition to multiple foods and beverage outlets.

As a club of Canggu, it began as an answer to the demands of expats living in the region in search of high-quality entertainment and a single sports center, and as a private club for members. Over time, in October 2014, there was a great motivation to attract non-members to some areas of its new leisure facilities. In June 2016, it was renamed the Funz Club, which welcomes everyone, including locals and visitors. The club has become a popular weekend destination for families and vacation makers who have been staying around Canggu and Seminyak ever since.

Funz Club houses a large colonial-style house as its main center, which houses dining facilities at the sports bar. Most of the front areas, just after the entrance, are a large sports field where matches take place, as well as many sporting and community events, such as the annual Melbourne Cup gatherings hosted by the club. The club is separated by the main Berawa Beach by high concrete walls, with walls that keep rogue soccer balls.

Beside the sports stadium, there is the Splash Water Park, which has been designed with the family in mind, and is great for calming in the tropical sun. Parents can relax again while children get away in the pools or slip into the colorful slides. Rest assured, all water activities are under the watchful supervision of trained rescue personnel. You can enjoy the Splash Resort and most of the Funz Club’s leisure facilities with daily tickets of $ 21 (Rs. 300,000) for adults and $ 13 (Rs. 180,000) for children aged 3 to 17 years.
Drier fun awaits you at Bounce Bali, the island’s first indoor acrobatics center, and Strike, the Tenpin bowling center separately located just across the road from the main road to the Funz Main Club. It is not intended for children only. To get a quick one-hour pass for 100,000 rupees, you can run away or play a dodge or basketball game, running on the vertical walls to refresh your heart. At Strike, you can choose from six lanes featuring computer CD belts and computerized recording systems. Hourly bowling tickets cost US $ 5.5 (Rs. 75,000) per person during the day, and US $ 9,000 (Rs. 125,000) for evening games.

In addition to easy daily visits, Funz Club also includes a range of memberships available for individuals, children and families that offer you great privileges, such as a private member lounge, tennis training, invites to member events, and discounts on golf courses. And even free access to sister club places like the Finnish Beach Club. Weekly, monthly and yearly memberships are also available. Weekly memberships start from Rs. 1,320,000 for adults, Rs. 792,000 for children and Rs. 3400,000 for families.

The Funz Club is easy to reach, as it is one of the informal attractions along the main Berawa Beach Road in Canggu. From Seminyak, you just need to reach the end of Jalan Batubelig and set off another five minutes to the north along the winding rice lanes to reach it. If you are traveling outside Canggu, simply book a taxi.
Contacts for the Funz Club
Hours of Operation: 06:00 – 22:00
Location: Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu
Phone: +62 (0) 848 3939

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