1- A private tour in harmony with the environment with luxurious accommodation
This adventure takes you ten days of discovery, sightseeing and adventure. Each day is a different destination and a new feeling, you can see the beautiful nature daily, along with visits to cultural and spiritual monuments. On the first day, you will head straight to the ecological inn on the eastern slopes of Patocarro Mountain, to immediately discover the volcano. It is the most adventurous thing in Bali for nature lovers, crossing Central Bali and the southern coasts.

2- A tour to enjoy the sunrise at Mount Agung
On this tour, you walk long distances to reach the highest peak in Bali which is Mount Agung, where you walk through rugged forest paths and volcanic slopes. This tour includes hiking and seeing ancient temples and virgin forests, while the summit offers sweeping views of the delicate clouds, and stunning views of the sun with its first light of the day. The ascent begins very early, several hours before dawn, as it takes about 4 to 6 hours for the hike to reach higher, 2 to 4 hours to turn back.

3- Full day excursion in Troyan
As one of the oldest inhabited places in Bali, Tronian Village on the shore of the dreadful lake may raise and be questioned due to its unique rituals and customs. The village is located on the eastern side of Lake Batur. One of its most interesting features is the burial ritual – the deceased is wrapped and brought by boat to a dedicated burial.The land is around a large ancient fragrant tree believed to only grow here, which is equivalent to any smell of decomposing bodies. It’s a truly unique (and horrific) sight, but an adventure worth exploring!

4- Sailing the river
It is possible to challenge the watershed of Ayung River near Ubud, which is actually the longest and largest cliff of Bali. You will have a team of guides to help you handle the gear, while action and excitement begin as soon as you board your rafts and work together to paddle and steer. You’ll find swirling waters, natural stairs and cold waterfalls, all as part of the adventure.

5- A tour of the Tangzenga waterfall and rice fields in the village of Antongan
This village tour takes you through picturesque areas of rice fields in Antongan, where you can refresh in the middle of the trip with fresh coconut and a delicious local lunch. Then climb up through the narrow forest trail that leads you to the cold Tangsinga waterfalls. The trip includes a break in the butterfly garden kiminoh, to see a small sampling of the fascinating fluttering objects in Bali.

6- A private tour to watch the sunrise at the volcano with a hot water bath
Climbing Mount Batur allows you to enjoy the magical sunrise over the vast Caldera Lake. At the top, enjoy a unique breakfast: hot steamed eggs and bananas from the volcano itself. During your trip up, you will pass local farms where you will see fresh local produce and taste the many different types of coffee available, including the famous coffee, known as Lubeck Coffee. Then, take a soothing break in a hot spring on the western side of the lake, where the water temperature is 40 degrees Celsius allowing the regeneration of tired muscles.

7- Full day tour of Gattiluwi and Patocaru Mountain
The fields of Gatiluwi rice are the “green sea” in Bali. Thanks to the rice terraces, these cold and high rural plateaux offer one of the most spectacular views of the island. The area offers a range of farms and rice fields, along with dense tropical forests around the slopes of Patocarro Mountain. The mountain is also home to the ancient Patocaru Temple.

8- A trip to the worn out village of Tengnan
The village of Tinganan Begeringensegan, the oldest civilization of Bali in its history to this day, is known for some of the rarest pigmented clothes in the world, known as creasing. This tour takes you to this ancient heritage site, where the villagers adhere to their ancient traditions and agricultural roads. Besides the famous fabrics, you can also taste locally produced palm wines, enjoy handcrafted craftsmanship and stroll around the quiet plantations. This one-day adventure ends on the golden sands of the coastal village of Piracy.

9- The adventure of riding a bague or tube trip
This tour is suitable for nature lovers and adventure at the same time, as it starts through high forests and along farm paths around Pingan village, several minutes north of Ubud. You have to drive a cart specifically designed for movement in the mud, and then head sailing along the slopes of the river into large inflatable tubes. Also included are diving suits, helmets, life jackets and safety heaters, as well as a delicious lunch from Bali.

10- A fiery journey into the water table below the slope
The tour offers more than just suspense and excitement in Bali, as it takes you on a rugged “canyoning” adventure, where you will learn about the basics of dodging, while admiring the beauty of the nature of the highlands in Bali. This two-day trip takes you to the legendary Bali Goris Tocad, also known as “The Slope of Fire.” These very adventurous things to do in Bali include an overnight stay in the lush wilderness. Dense rainforest terrain, intense valleys and thunderfalls from the waterfall together in an immersive natural environment.

11- Tour of Wakaland Island
This tour offers a wealth of tourist attractions, from rice fields and ancient quarries to high mountain peaks .. The journey begins in the morning with a break in an old village of Bali Island with an ancient sandstone quarry where you find wonderful masterpieces of life by skilled craftsmen. Here, you can stroll through the lush rice fields and learn how to perform ballet flower shows or “kanang sari” before going to the mountains through the rice fields of Gatiluwih. Lunch is served as part of the cruise with Balinese tastes and coffees.

12- Round in small groups of hidden rice fields
For a short and simple tour to experience the green countryside of Bali, this tour is truly appropriate. It is located near the popular resort areas of South Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, where you can stroll around the green rice fields in the Kerobokan area where you can still find tracts of green land. The guided trek through the rice fields is insightful, and includes a detour to an eclectic warehouse filled with unusual artifacts, as well as a break in the local traditional market.

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