Hawaii is the last state to be included in the group of 51 American states, as it is located in the far southwestern part of the North American continent and 3200 km from it, and it is the second state after Alaska that does not share its borders with any other American state, and it is the only one that does not fall within The geography of North America is considered the most beautiful and most attractive state to tourists in America, due to its beautiful climate, beaches and picturesque islands, as Hawaii includes a group of 19 islands, including Kauai, Maui and Oahu, etc., and in this article we will talk about Honolulu of the island of Oahu.

Honolulu Island

Honolulu is the capital of the state of Hawaii, which extends to the southeastern coast of the island of Oahu, and is the city most famous and largest in terms of area and population density, with an area of ​​177 square kilometers, where the proportion of land in which about 88% and water 12%, and the Honolulu contains the main airport in Hawaii in addition to the main port, as it is considered a stronghold of international business, and the headquarters of the island’s military forces, and the Honolulu is characterized by multiculturalism on its soil.

History of Honolulu

The history of the Honolulu, based on the studies and monuments found there, dates back to the eleventh century, when it was inhabited by the Polynesians, and the British traveler William Brown stated that he was the first to sail to the port of Honolulu in the year 1794 AD, after which ships sailing to it came from America and Asia, and it is worth I remember that the Arabs used to call the Honolulu the name “here pearls”, but its real name in the language of the local people means “shelter.”

  • There are many historical events that took place on the island, perhaps the most important of which was the Battle of Nuwano, which resulted in the unification of the entire islands of Hawaii at the hands of its first camouflage, including Ohio, which includes the Honolulu, where the king seized the Honolulu, and transferred his seat of rule to it in the year 1809AD. .
  • In the nineteenth century, as a result of the intense groupings of neighborhoods that included Chinese immigrants, and because of the difficult living conditions and poverty, many residents were infected with the plague, so the Ministry of Health decided at that time to burn the residential buildings affected by the disease, but due to the strong winds, the fire spread to include Large areas in the region, where it was in the year 1900 AD.
  • The Battle of Pearl Harbor between Japan and America had the largest role that contributed to annexing the entire island of Hawaii under the tutelage of the United States of America in the year 1914 AD.

The climate of Honolulu and its tourism

The Honolulu is characterized by its tropical climate, where its summer is characterized by heat and winter by torrential rains, its nature is green covered with trees and plants, so tourists can enjoy the picturesque scenic scenes there such as:

  • Waikiki Beach.
  • Al-Amwana Park.
  • Loulani Palace.
  • Pearl Harbor Memorial.

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