Turkey’s Tourist Islands

المسافرون العرب


Recently, Turkey has become the first tourist destination for most tourists, especially the Arabs, due to its beauty, magnificence, and calmness that many people are searching for these days. In the country, many kings, businessmen, and wealthy people looking for tranquility and renewal have come to other regions of Turkey, which is the Turkish islands, some of which will be mentioned here, but some of these islands require ground travel due to the difficulty of reaching them.

Some Turkish islands

Bozcaada Island

It is one of the Turkish islands that is difficult to reach, where a person takes a ferry from the beach of Turkey to the island, and takes about half an hour to reach it, and the length of this island is about 7 miles, and it contains a small port, and whoever visits this island feels that it belongs to the Greeks more From them to the Ottomans.

Recently, the shops started taking a lot of space because of the increase in the number of foreign visitors, and there are also bicycle rental shops, which are the best way for tourists to discover the island, and there is an ancient museum inside the island that informs its visitors of the history of them in the period between the Trojan war and the British campaign Gallipoli failed.

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Ayazma Beach is the best beach on the island, as it contains many quiet cafes, hotels and resorts, and the reason for the island’s distance from the airports is to make it not crowded like other cities in Turkey, where Izmir Airport is the closest airport to it, and after the tourists arrive, they must land by land to a beach Western Turkey, then he took a cruise to the island, i.e. three trips in one trip, and this is also difficult and costly and reduces the number of its visitors, but this small number of visitors confirmed that this wonderful island deserves the fatigue that the visitor is tired to reach.

Bozburun Island

It is not an island but a peninsula, its location on the southern coast of Turkey, and made up of more than one village and their way of living is fishing and making boats that are used to explore the island, and whoever wants to explore this island must use the car because it is large and contains many waterfalls and places to drink Turkish tea, The most famous is honey flavored with thyme.

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On the outskirts of the island, and specifically near the city of Knidos, there are historical traces of an ancient city, and this island differs from its predecessor (Bozcaada Island) that it can be reached by air flight to the nearby Dalman Airport.

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