Walkhart Hospitals

Walkhart Hospitals is the medical partner, so to speak, to the United States of America in the medical field. Walkhart is linked to the Harvard International Medical Foundation and is certified by the American insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield, which is responsible for organizing medical travel between Walkhart and Harvard Medical School.
Unistem Stem Cell Transplantation Hospital

It is the first hospital in India in the field of stem cells, where the hospital provides safe medical solutions to many diseases through the cultivation of adult stem cells derived from the umbilical cord in accordance with the laws and international medical protocols.
Medanta Hospital

Medanta Hospital founded the famous cardiac surgeon Naresh Trihan on an area of ​​approximately 43 acres to serve all different medical fields as well as complex surgical operations where the hospital has at least 1,250 beds, fifty operating rooms and 400 beds for intensive care, Medanta Hospital is located in Gurgaon.
Nariana Herodaliaa Heart Hospital

It is the best hospital in the world in the field of open heart operations, as it is the only medical center in the continent of Asia that performs transplants of the third generation of the artificial heart, or what is known scientifically in Ventrakur. At least 50 open-heart operations per day, as it contains more than a thousand beds and 25 operating rooms to treat many patients who belong to more than 70 countries around the world.

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