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Houston is one of the largest cities in the state of Texas, and is considered the fourth largest city in the United States. The city is located in Harris County, and is considered a major economic and cultural center.

The city was called the Space City because of the presence of the Lendon B. Johnson Center affiliated with NASA, and according to it in the newspapers, Houston is considered an American Mexican fancy city, and this is due to the fact that it was one of the Mexican cities that America was able to obtain in the war, in addition to That a large proportion of its population are Mexican.

Tourist attractions in the city

There are many places in Houston that are considered one of the most important attractions for tourists, whether they are museums, galleries, theaters, etc., including:

Health Museum

The museum opens its doors for free on Thursday for families, and it is a museum that specializes in displaying large-dimensional models of human body organs and displaying the mechanism of work of each member. For example, in the Pavilion of the World Gym Hickox Amazing Body Pavilion, there is a model of the human brain estimated at a height of seven meters, and stands out in it The most accurate details of the brain, including gyrus, lobes, arteries, etc., and this wing also contains a model of a spine of seven meters in length, in addition to a model that represents the void eye from the inside that explains the way the eye works in all its parts, which gives an opportunity for museum visitors and visitors, especially students, to identify jobs Members to Sdhm, as it broadcast special offers are also printed and distributed leaflets through which the explanation on how to maintain physical health, mental and physical ones.

Houston Children’s Museum

It is a museum for children and their skills, where it conducts twenty interactive activities in addition to the methods of learning mathematics in cyberchies and water games in fluorescopes, and it is a tower consisting of three floors in addition to robots and small technologies, and one of the distinguished children is elected as a kind of encouragement, and the mayor of the city crowns children (Kid True Police).


It includes four thousand five hundred animals, and occupies a section of the Hermann Park and has an exhibition of natural phenomena, especially those related to the nature of wet Texas, and contains special places for amphibians and reptiles, in addition to twenty-three species of domestic and wild birds, in addition to a cage for tropical species, and a large water basin containing more than There are a thousand species of marine creatures and fish, with the ability to enable visitors to feed these animals, which are a pleasure for many.

Nursery and Nature Center in Houston

It contains a botanical garden in addition to lakes, meadows and natural rocks, and it contains two Hummingbird islands for birds, and Butterfly which contains rare varieties of butterflies of all types and sizes.

Covered stadium or stadium

It is a multi-use stadium designed by engineer Jack Boyd Buckley, and it is characterized by the artificial gas that lays its ground, and the most important baseball games that the Astro team (which is the largest and most famous in the country) football matches are held for the magnificence of its design and its uniqueness, and this stadium is the eighth wonder of the world.

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