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The time to visit Istanbul

The time to visit Istanbul is the spring, i.e. from April to mid-June, due to the low rainfall during April, and its daytime is long, and it is possible to visit Istanbul in mid-September to October because the weather is mild in Mostly, the day is short, and Istanbul can be visited during the summer, as art festivals and musical events are organized during the summer month in Istanbul.

The most important tourist areas in Istanbul

the blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque, or so-called Sultan Ahmed Mosque, is a mosque built in 1609 AD as a competitor to the famous Hagia Sophia Mosque, and the Blue Mosque is famous for its beautiful domes and its six minarets that can be seen from far away, as the mosque was decorated from the inside in the Ottoman style, and tiles were used The blue and white Aznec which the mosque is named after, and the mosque has about 260 windows, and many worshipers gather to perform their prayers in this mosque, and the mosque includes a museum of carpets in the back, where it displays artifacts from all over Turkey.

Basilica Tank

Basilica Cistern is located a short walking distance from the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, built by Justinian around 532 m, and is considered one of the largest Byzantine basins or tanks in Istanbul, and this tank is located underground with a length of 70 m and a width of 140 m. He used to keep about 80,000 m 3, and its roof is characterized by its domed brick supported by approximately 336 columns, length of each column of 9.14 m, and the water is pumped through water channels near the Black Sea, and it is a tourist site, and it can be visited through the use of corridors and an underground staircase to explore The cave is cool.

Sultan Ahmed Square

Sultanahmet Square or the Hippodrome is a great place to start visiting Istanbul, which was built by the Romens around 200 AD, and was used for chariot races and other public events, and the field is surrounded by a huge track that accommodates more than 100,000 people, and this field was considered the center of life in Constantinople For more than 1000 years, it has been considered the center of many political and civil battles, and few remains of this field are surrounded by a large park adjacent to the Blue Mosque.

Skyland office

The Skyland Office is the tallest building in Istanbul, with a height of 284 m and consists of 65 floors. The construction of the Skyland Tower began in 2013 and was completed in 2020 AD, thanks to the building of this building for Eroglu Property, and it hosts The building has commercial offices in addition to being used as a car park and a shopping center.

Metropol Istanbul

The Metropolitan Istanbul (Metropolitan Istanbul) is the third tallest skyscraper in Istanbul. It is located in the eastern Atiseer area and has a height of 280 meters. It consists of 58 floors. It was started in 2013 and ended in 2020. This building includes a number of facilities such as: shopping facilities , Home offices, educational institutions, educational centers and housing units.

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